Monday 2 March 2015

Wood Watches by Jord

Wood Watches by Jord 
Raw material carved into refined design. 

Who wears a watch these days? What once was a core to men's style seems to be replaced by phones, but are phones desfining your sense of style. I have always enjoyed wearing a watch and the feeling of wearing a piece of memory. Watch is a style piece for you to carry along the day, representing craftmanship and timeless aesthetic. Jord wood watches provide exactly this experience.

Based in St. Louis Missouri, JORD launched their wood watch line in the Fall of 2013. The momentum of natural, raw, and sustainable material use in modern products was on the rise but JORD saw a void in the wood watch market. Though the material was present, the design and innovation was lacking. JORD believes that watches are not just timekeepers; watches are statement pieces, watches speak to the style and personality of the wearer. With that in mind, JORD set out to create a watch line that celebrated the natural beauty and intricacy of wood without resting the look on the material alone. The company is committed to continual innovation in design. Metal, texture, and layering are used to achieve a natural accessory that is playful, not childish. The style that is inherent in JORD wood watches is a perfect complement to the modern styling of today.

 “Analog watches are experiencing a renaissance in a time when everything is being moved to a digital platform. There is function in fashion and I think that’s why people are returning to wearing watches, even if they’re still checking the time on their phone. ”– Salman Shah (Brand Manager) 

The full line of wood watches has ladies, men’s, and unisex options featuring both quartz and automatic movements. With price points below $350.00 JORD wood watches offer a tremendous value for modern design and quality craftsmanship. Though the company began as an “online only” brand they have grown and are entering into brick and mortar retail.

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