Friday 1 May 2015

Workplace for the New World - Exhibition

Werkplaats voor de nieuwe wereld / Workplace for the New World
1 May – 5 July 2015

What makes work worth the effort? How do our daily actions give meaning to our lives and to our physical environment?

Contemporary urban sentiment indicates a desire for a local, fairer, more sustainable, and more meaningful world: the beer-brewing hipster, the status symbol hand knitted sweater, and the hacker helping to build an open source project.
But what is the relationship between the craft-brewed beer and the self-driving car? Between craft revivals and the rapid development of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence? How aligned are these two developments with each other?

Workshop for the New World explores the past, present, and future of work; how work determines our physical and social environment. By looking at work's future, we investigate possibilities for a sustainable and inclusive world.
The exhibition consists of an installation that explores and stretches work's definition, reinterpreting the history of work and defining a new strategies for work's future, and features a bimonthly program where we test the New World and submit it to contemporary thinkers and doers.

Workplace for the New World is a project by Monnik, Office for New Romantic Politics, commiossend by Bureau Europa.

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