Sunday 21 June 2015

The Mutants by Lotte Milder

The Mutants performance by Lotte Milder at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015 

The Mutants is a performance that stems from a fascination with constant change and a desire for stasis. It features three performers and their costumes, each of which undergoes a transformation: from one object to a specific gender. The Mutants poses the question: what will these beings evolve into next?

Performance by Lotte Milder
Final directed by Loek de Bakker
Performed by Scott Robin Jun, Lotte Milder and Florian Myjer
Costume design by Lotte Milder
Costume made by Miralda Nijst-Reinartz and Lotte Milder
Music by Wayne C. Simpson
Photographed by AKATAK (Mats Logen and Karlijn Milder)
Film by AKATAK (Mats Logen and Karlijn Milder)
Thanks to FASHIONCLASH , Video Power, Sanne de Grauw and Betty Hover

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