Monday 13 July 2015

SADAK SS2016 - Berlin Fashion Week

On July 8th SADAK showed his upcoming SS16 collection during Mercedes-Benz-Fashion Week Berlin. 

Reported by Jonas Lütolf

Berlin is, regarding fashion, almost provincial compared to Paris – that’s what people sometimes say at least. Berlin Fashionweek is filled with C-list celebrities, tv-topmodels from seasons long gone and sugardaddies, filling up on free sekt in garish getups at the bar. That’s the reason the big labels such as Escada or Hugo Boss are gone now, it is often said as well. While there might be a grain of truth to this, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin just got very serious.

The german capital is known for an individual sense of streetstyle and young, up-and-coming designers – SADAK combines these two aspects into a pastel-colored concept of net-art fashion. The designer, Sasa Kovacevic, was born in Serbia but educated at Berlin School of Art in Weißensee. And regarding him, those accusations mentioned above simply do not apply. Kovacevic always manages to create very well tought-out collections that perfectly hit the zeitgeist and have, over time, developed a very specific visual language without being overly obvious of where the inspirations come from. Always inspired by different (sub) cultures, Kovacevic creates prints for his collections that highlight the wearers individuality and independence.

SADAK is, and undeniably so, a child of Web 2.0: the sheer handling of the different inspirations give every collection the vibe of a collage. A very chic, very cool Tumblr-Blog come to life trough textile. A moodboard in motion: distorted, twisted, darkened.
SADAK SS16 is right up this very alley: the oversized hip-hop cuts we’ve come to expect from Sadak are in this collection made from a flowing, silky material – in baby blue and pale pink, black and white, as well as plum. It’s a menswear collection that plays on the classic symbols of masculinity as well: soft fabrics and even softer colors on rugged models that might as well have been members of a (albeit very, very stylish and gender-conscious) gang. Deconstruction was a subtheme: shown on collars, blazer-vests and high-cut pants. Adding to that, Kovacevic likes to work with typography: for SS 16, fabric was printed with a love confession typically found on the net: „me + you =  ♥. Same here, Mr. Kovacevic, same here. 

Photography Guillem Vinas Chipi

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