Thursday 24 March 2016

AWAYTOMARS - ModaLisboa Lisboa Fashion Week AW2016

AWAYTOMARS 446 is an inspiring project that operates as an online platform that promotes co-creation and collaboration.

AWAYTOMARS 446 is the world's first fully co-created fashion collection, that came to life after more than 400 submitted designs from 67 countries, and more than 2000 sounds and images that where posted on the digital moodboard by the community members.

AWAYTOMARS 446 is the result of a coming together of multiple creatives in the development of a single entity.
The collection is created by interaction and collaboration of different designers, highlighting  the development of the creative process and the complexity which exists behind shapes and cuts.
'The characteristic AWAYTOMARS cut is applied evenly to all pieces, encapsulating the communities forward movement. The colour palette was inspired by raw elements such as stone and metal: each is well known around the world but interpreted differently in every culture.'

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