Sunday 17 July 2016

Karim Adduchi - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam

'She lives behind the courtyard door' is a poetic and personal; story behind the collection of Karim Adduchi who was put on a big stage at the FashionWeek in Amsterdam.
Just one year after the graduation from Rietveld Academy, his striking approach to mix his Berber heritage with fashion design, got him favoured by the audience.
Inspired by the traditional clothing of the Berber culture Karim showcased a beauty of the multicultural world, providing a new proposal for the contemporary women with a somehow forced strive for modernity.
It is exactly his approach that makes him one-to-watch in the Dutch fashion scene, expressing perhaps what is missing sometimes in the Dutch fashion scene; the richness of the multicultural society.
My problem is only, although this was a beautiful opening show, is it responsible to give young designers such a big stage in the very early phase of their carreer. We have seen often designers overdesigning and multiplying the collection to provide enough content. Most of them vanish after one or two seasons. Perhaps a smaller collection with more focus would have given him more attention for his talent? Eventually we wish for the talented designer not only to jump but to fly from the springboards we provide.

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