Sunday 17 July 2016

Nida Gönül at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016

With A Twist' by Nida Gönül

On Reimagining Footwear with the Zembil Method and Innovative Materials 

'With A Twist' focuses on reimagining contemporary luxury footwear construction and components through employing 'Zembil', a heritage basketry technique from Bafra. in north of Turkey. The original basket making technique dates back to approximately 250 years and is a complete non-waste process using corn husk, a by-product of local farming industry as the cover material.

To create the collection, this plant fiber was replaced by sustainable and innovative materials suited to footwear production; the bacteria spun tissue cellulose tissue, Kombucha leather and %100 Bio-degradable man-made leather innovation from Turkey for uppersand recycled bicycle inner tubes for the soles. Like the baskets inspiring the collection, each shoe is a single unit construction that is made with a continous weave wrapped on a continuous base, combining the upper and the sole together in one unit.

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