Sunday 10 November 2019


Tom Van der Borght has a history of leaving impressions at FASHIONCLASH Festival. This year was no different. In fact, his impressive show earned him the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 Talent award and the Clash Show Public Award.
Currently at a master programme at Toneelacademie Maastricht, Tom is a multi-talented transdisciplinary artist playing with the boundaries of fashion, art, illustration and performance. In his ongoing artistic research process, he goes on a quest to challange normativity. Being queer and disabled himself, intersectionality is at the core of his work. With his peresentation at FASHIONCLASH Festival he explored the performative elements further. Hi impressed not only with the performance but also with the craftsmanship and the layered narrative.

"Our technology-based society is built on likes, and sharing “our happy life”. We deal with negative things in solitude. In such moments we crave for connection and community as an antidote for loneliness and exclusion. TVDB develops a series of 7 rituals in search for new ways of collectivity, based on 7 stages of his own life. This research explores non-normative bodies on the intersection of fashion, performance and visual art. The first ritual of 7, Act 01: a Safe Cocoon is a low-tech procession that explores the tension between wearing and being worn, between carrying and being carried. 7 outfits are created out of 7 materials. 7 is and will always be a magic number."

Photography Pasarella Photography

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