Wednesday 3 March 2021

Peach Tree, Ambiguous

Peach Tree, Ambiguous, the speculative department-store is an online exhibition by created by designer Anouk van Klaveren.

Peach Tree, Ambiguous
 is a fictional brand with a deliberate ‘yes-man’ work-ethos. Embracing the deranged logic of today’s marketing- and communications cultus, the brand fully outsourced its products’ raison d’être by hiring an international team of sales experts, content creators and e-commerce models.

Simulating a tribalized department-store, the exhibition shows a wide range of purposefully advertized objects, all blurring the thin line between need and wanting; cause and effect; the voyeur and the exhibitionist. Doused within the realm of commercialized daydreams, Van Klaveren portrays today’s e-environment and its inherent consumer myths.

In addition to the exhibition, a mini-publication about the project is created. It offers an insight into Anouk van Klaveren's working method; includes a text written by Femke de Vries and is designed by Ruben Verkuylen. 

Take a look at the project:


Anouk is co-founder of collective Das Leben am Haverkamp. Her work has been shown at Centraal Museum, Zeeuws Museum, Salone del Mobile and at the International Fashion Showcase London.

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