Wednesday 3 March 2021


TEUN is brand by designer Teun Seuren who is focused on showcasing collections with a message. Within his collections, he often questions the world around us and plays with different perspectives of masculinity and femininity. TEUN profiles himself as a designer with a fresh perspective, one which blurs the lines of gender and reveals a diverse world.

“Stay at home” - can be a metaphor for how we, the flamboyant, the people of color, and everyone that does not fit the white cis hyper-masculine life are forced to restrain ourselves. As a society we are currently feeling more than ever how oppressive it is to be stripped from our freedom. Even in this situation though, we are still lucky that this is just temporary. However, imagine if your life felt like you had to "stay at home", because society doesn't see you as you are, and tries to define the limits of the space where you can be yourself.”


All images by Branko Popovic

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