Sunday 24 October 2021

Objects for a new kind of society

photo: Anke Sondi
Invertuals and The Future Laboratory present Objects for a New Kind of Society, a new exhibition based on The Future Laboratory’s research into Equilibrium Cities. Together, they explore how design can foster future cities, where collective ownership, fluid identities and nature will thrive. 

“We need to rethink our relationship with objects and our role as designers within our society.” – Wendy Plomp, Design Director of Dutch Invertuals

The world’s cities are outgrowing the limits of our comprehension. This constant expansion is converting vast plains into urbanised areas, consuming land needed to feed their growing population. This puts the concept of the city out of balance. The outbreak of a global pandemic has clearly shown us how fragile our current model of society can be. 

We can no longer ignore the downsides of living in urban areas. Climate change, air pollution, waste, social unrest and inequality will continue to challenge the way we exist within them. At the same time, new technologies and innovations are emerging that will radically change urban society and place cities in balance again. Our environment will shift towards degrowth and deceleration, leading to a more resilient and liveable future.

“The world’s Equilibrium Cities will be built on a foundation of nature, but they will evolve through intersectional architecture, new economic models and responsive healthcare – some will even establish new populations in the virtual realm” – Britt Berden, Art Director of The Future Laboratory.

Objects for a New Kind of Society presents eleven works from designers, who translated their vision into tangible design manifestations, giving shape to the world of tomorrow. The exhibition features works from Johanna Seelemann, Sander Hagelaar, Christoph Dichmann, Dae Uk Kim, Delphine Lejeune, Edhv, Moonseop Seo, Elly Feldstein, Steeven Macal, Anna Resei and Sorrel Madley.


Steeven Macal

Elly Feldstein

Moonseop Seo

Johanna Seelemann

Sorrel Madley

Delphine Lejeune

Dae uk Kim

Anna Resei

EDHV Studio

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