Sunday 28 April 2024

Bill Viola, Sculptor of Time

The Musée de La Boverie (Liège) staged an impressive monographic exhibition to the American artist Bill Viola. A major figure in contemporary art, Bill Viola is considered one of the fathers of video art. In partnership with Tempora and the Bill Viola Studio, La Boverie is offering the first Belgian exhibition of international scope celebrating the work of this unrivalled video artist. 

Technically dazzling, Bill Viola's works are at once grand and intimate, complex and surprisingly accessible, spectacular and deeply human. The sources of inspiration for his installations are multiple, rooted in Western and Eastern artistic traditions and diverse spiritual philosophies: Buddhist, Sufi and Christian. All are permeated by a humanism of a universal nature.

Bill Viola's primary achievement is to draw the viewer into his work. No one is unaffected by the experiences he stages, because these experiences concern everyone. The works address fundamental themes of birth, life and death, and evoke primordial emotions such as empathy, suffering and hope.

It is understandable that wherever he is exhibited, from Melbourne to Bilbao, via Tokyo, New York, Rome or Paris, the art of Bill Viola attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. Now it is the turn of the Belgian public to fully experience the range of his immersive and powerful works.


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