Sunday 2 February 2014

Ratna Ho FW 2014 collection

RATNA HO debuted at 20th edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week with her new collection 'Ballroom Backpackers'. She used a very diverse group of models, some where bit older than others and some more figured, which really made her presentation refreshing. The collection was very feminine, sexy colorful and women-friendly.
The show featured live music by the band Krach.
Designer behind RATNA HO is Ratna Ho, who obtained her bachelor at ArtEZ, Arnhem an her master’s degree at Central St. Martins in London. Since graduating in 2009 Ratna is working with Pascal Mulder, who studies Product Design at ArtEZ. Togehter they work on all aspects of designing a new collection.
RATNA HO took part of several contests, such as Lichting 2009, Frans Molenaar 2010 and was rewarded the national Triumph Inspiration Award in 2008. Ratna also participated at the Mittelmoda Awards in Italy. Modefabriek names Ratna Talent of 2009.

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