Sunday 1 February 2015

MdH by Marije de Haan Fall/Winter 15-16

“All colours agree in the dark” 

Marije de Haan launched ready-to-wear collection MdH by Marije de Haan

Menswear designer Marije de Haan launched her first ready-to-wear collection ‘MdH by Marije de Haan’ at the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week. In her previous collections the designer was fascinated with the fringes of society, the unsavory, criminal. With this new collection it’s time to dig in deeper. How does one become the person he is?

With a tough, careless and sometimes even evil look in their eyes, the models walked the runway last Saturday the 24th of January. Marije de Haan chose a diverse selection of models, of which most of them are her own friends, and one female model to show her “All colours agree in the dark” collection. The nonchalant walk of the models and threatening music gave the mood of the show a dark twist, to contrast with the comfortable garments.

Her Fall/Winter 15-16 collection consists basics such as classic comfortable shirts, T-shirt and trousers with a unique twist and the use of quality materials, which carry the identity of MdH. The collection also included very wearable shirts and cardigans with a longer back, wide collars and turtlenecks. The colours are based on the colour palette of Francis Bacon, a dark, moody blue, black and grey base with carefully chosen colour accents such as stripes prints, bright blue, powder pink and a spot of red.

The collection also contains a shoe range in collaboration with the Dutch HUB Footwear. Beside the basic pieces there will be a few exclusive items, such as the strangely shaped, brain-looking headpieces, which are still at the intersection between fine arts and fashion.

The inspiration of de Haan’s first ready-to-wear collection she finds in the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud and the painter Francis Bacon. The oeuvre of Bacon, who is also fascinated by the theories of Freud, gives her an uncomfortable feeling but attract her at the same time.

De Haan: “At a distance the colours which Bacon uses, attract you so hard but once you get closer and you see what it really is, you’ll get goose bumps right away.”
This contrast corresponds with the urges which live next to each other in a personality and fascinate the designer to the last detail. “I translated this fascination in a menswear collection which consists of items that give you a comfortable and pleasing feeling, but then all of a sudden knock you of your feet and the feeling becomes uncomfortable,” said Marije de Haan.

The urges of a person come out and show themselves in a form of handmade, soft and fleshly objects with a disturbing appearance. The objects have a weird discussion with the clothing items where an uneasy balance arises, and leading to all colours agree in the dark.

About Marije de Haan 
Marije de Haan, menswear designer based in The Hague, graduated June 2010 from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. She was selected for Lichting 2010 during Amsterdam Fashion Week and with this show she won the G-Star Raw Talent Award. In September 2010 she was awarded with the Haagse Toptalent scholarship, so she could start her own label. Since then she produced several collections all presented at Fashion Week Amsterdam.
In 2013 she teamed up with Quintin Baker to start MdH, the first ready-to-wear collection, which has launched during Fashion Week Amsterdam January 2015.
Next to that, Marije de Haan is creative director at the Dutch brand HUB Footwear.

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