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Táctica Sintáctica - Marres

Táctica Sintáctica 

Touching With Your eyes, Seeing With Your Hands

9 Mar 2023 — 28 May 2023, Marres Maastricht 

The exhibition Táctica Sintáctica subverts museum rules in order to provide space to the body. Art works are scattered in the rooms, some partly hidden, others can only be viewed when visitors are willing to squat, climb or kneel down. The artist Diego Bianchi takes every opportunity to awaken, surprise and touch the visitors.
For this exhibition, he transforms together with the poet and curator Mariano Mayer a selection of art works from the Museo CA2M Collection and the ARCO Foundation Collection (Spain). The selection includes work by David Hockney, Julia Spínola, Bruce Talamon, Dan Flavin, Dora García, Jimmie Durham, Günther Förg, Zoe Leonard, Joachim Koester, and many others. They insert new works and frame them in a new strategy (táctica) of loose ends (sintáctica). By reframing the collections, they also displace the identity and sensuality of the bodies around them. Táctica Sintáctica thus invites visitors to move and play to discover infinite perspectives. The radical question is: what movements and identities are hidden and reflected in art exhibitions? And what does the body want?

Táctica Sintáctica started in 2022 as part of the series Dubbing the Voice of the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid. In this series, artists are invited to provide new perspectives on the collections. Through disruptions, unforeseen interpretations and new ways of speaking, artists open up collections for new productions. To re-load and design Táctica Sintáctica in Marres marks the second phase of this opening-up process. Here, the exhibition offers not a perspective on an anchored collection but instead a group show unmoored from institutional history and memory. 

Diego Bianchi and Mariano Mayer:
“It all started as a game. We wanted to build an entire landscape of works within a museum. One composed of heterodox elements, rising high and piled on top of each other, able to serve as a critique of the clinicality and neutrality in which works of art are exhibited. We wanted to take some time to imagine that works were once again things of the world. In doing so, we began to see them as particles circulating, exposed to light or danger. The sensitive bond we re-establish with objects allows us to rediscover our tactility and recollection. To prevent our tactile emotions from becoming a haze that would engulf the works, we needed to release materials that were unfinished, soft, hot, cold, hard, rough. Caressing, massaging, elongating the materials; finding other forms in the repetition, in the touch and feel, in the gestures. Sculptural objects embody a moment in time; they teach us to think with our hands. Our eyes allow us to discover the distance that exists between our body and what we want to touch. They have nothing to do with our visual enjoyment; they merely measure how far from or close to whatever we want to touch we are.”

Táctica Sintáctica is the second in a series of re-loads Marres started in 2020 with the exhibition Codex Subpartum, a new version of an exhibition in which three artists created musical pieces on the basis of the collection of the Sztuki Museum in Lodz, Poland.

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