Sunday 17 March 2013

Encounter with Domenico Qioffi

Domenico Cioffi, young label by Italian designer with the same name. He debuted with a show during Amsterdam Fashion Week in January 2013. The brand identity is expressed through inspiration coming from the Mediterranean culture and minimalism of Northern Europe.

Q & A with Domenico Cioffi

B.P. Can you please introduce yourself?
D.C I am Domenico, Italian designer, based half in Italy where I continue to work for other brands and half in the Netherlands where I started my brand.

B.P. Your educational background? Where did you study?
D.C On my secondary school I studied jewelery design. Later I studied Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design. I started in Milan and I graduated in Rome.

B.P. Where are you based at the moment?
D.C Right now I'm a gypsy, I travel a lot for work and I live between Holland and Italy.

B.P. How is your life as a designer/artist in your country or city?
D.C Life as a designer is beautiful but also very difficult, especially when you are beginning, like me. I think that in the Netherlands it’s easier to start something, young people have more opportunities.

B.P. What place/city do you find most inspiring?
D.C Absolutely Amsterdam and Berlin
B.P. What inspires / fascinates you in general?
D.C Art, architecture and movies

B.P. How would you describe your design aesthetic?
D.C A clean expression of culture and subculture of northern and southern Europe.

B.P. How would you describe your latest collection? What is the concept behind your latest collection?
D.C My latest collection is minimal and sporty. It’ was inspired by three elements, the film Tron Legacy, the Moorish art and the New York’s skyline. I worked on different silhouettes and on a cold palette of colors .

B.P. What kind of materials did you use?
D.C I like to use basic and colored fabrics, that are very comfortable to wear. In the latest collection I also started using PVC.

B.P. Do you have a muse? 
D.C Yes I have, is Peggy Moffitt, model and style icon of 60’s.

B.P. Can you describe your work in few words?
D.C Linear, geometric and clean.

B.P. Is your collection / work available for sale and where?
D.C Yes it is available in three shops in the Netherlands and Italy.

B.P. What can we expect from you in the near future? Where do you see yourself in five years?
D.C In the future you will see other collections, I think more and more colorful and a better focus on accessories in which I have a lot of experience. In five years? I still see myself still doing this work, even more busy and more travels.

B.P. Did you always wanted to be a fashion designers?
D.C Yes, I decided that when I was child.

B.P. Tell us something about your creative process?
D.C First I start with a mood board for inspiration, then I make sketches and a study with paper pattern. Slowly the collection comes out from tailoring. The worst part is when some things or details can not be made because they are too difficult, the best and even more fun is the styling for the shoot.

B.P. What do you do to get out of "creative depression"?
D.C I go immediately to a museum or cinema.

B.P. Do you like to work with other creatives?
D.C I like to work with other people. They can inspire me. For the latest catwalk show I worked with filmmaker McDaniels. That was really special for me, because with his short film he added an extra layer to the show.

B.P. Designer or artist that you admire or are influenced by?
D.C Sol Lewitt, Julian Opie and Frank Stella

B.P. Do you take into consideration how people experience or respond to your clothes?
D.C Yes, this is really important, listen to improve if there are any flaws or things to change. We can no longer do not give importance to customers or buyers.

B.P. If you weren't in a creative industry, what would you be doing?
D.C Maybe Deejay, I’m music addicted.

B.P. What songs do you have playing on repeat in your studio/work space?
D.C I’m listening Entertainment song of the French band Phoenix.

B.P. Something current you would like to share (book, magazine, exhibition you really liked, movie, or something else).
D.C Life of Pi, is one of the best movies I've seen in recent months.

B.P Fashion in one word:... D.C....Daydream

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Photography: Nicky Onderwater

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