Thursday, 5 July 2012

James Hillman S/S 2013 collection

Before I went off line for a week I got a quick sneek in the lookbook that James Hillman has send me.
I already said it about his previous work and again a very clever and desirable collection. It is very wearable line but also so classical. I am sure it looks even better up close.
Inspired by the life of the Maasai. Focusing on the Moran (trainee warrior) stage of life and the rituals that these teenagers need to go through to become a fully-fledged Maasai Warrior.
These Moran boys have to wear black, have white face paint and wear ostrich feathers on their head. To be real men they perform rituals where they must get circumcised without showing any pain on their face.
The colour palette is based upon this idea of them going through this transition. Starting with black and white as they become Moran boys moving on to red as they go through the rituals and as they start to become Maasai Warriors with the black and red turning into grey and orange.
Details come from the layers of jewellery worn on their bodys. Has led to double belt loops on trousers, double layered coats, collars and shirts. Also angular shapes from the jewellery caused splits in colour and textures across the body.

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