Wednesday, 5 December 2018

FASHIONCLASH - Christmas Designer Market

S T U D I O H E E Y BY H.Klein
photo Studio Say Cheese
On Saturday the 15th of December, FASHIONCLASH will host a Christmas Designer Market where you can buy clothing, jewelry and accessories from (local) designers at one of Maastricht’s newest hotspots, The Student Hotel!
Christmas Designer Market is organized in the context of the Forza Fashion House project.

ebby port
Jackalo Danielle Vroemen - Jewellery Design
S T U D I O H E E Y BY H.Klein
Olivia Bertus - Handmade Originals
Paragon by Mirte van Wijngaarden
Maryvonne Wellen Jewellery
Little Trophy
Hiske Hottinga
Jivika Biervliet
Duo Wonder by Sofie Hermans textile & surface design & Souvenirs at Katja Noelmans Marlou Verheijden
Chakula Uponya

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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Unrobe - Heroes of Waste

Sustainable clothing brand brings ode to Amsterdam garbage collector with a 'Zero waste' collection. The 'Heroes of Waste' capsule collection is only available via pre-order to prevent overproduction and draw attention to the growing waste mountain in the fashion industry.
Recently Unrobe won the Vedis Innovative New Retail Award 2018.

Mass production in the fashion industry is a major problem for Daan Ubachs and Koen Warmerdam, the founders of the Unrobe.
"With this collection we want to draw attention to this global problem", says Daan Ubachs, That is why Unrobe introduces the capsule collection 'Heroes of Waste', inspired by the Amsterdam garbage collectors and exclusively available as a pre-order for 30 days. For example, the brand produces exactly what has been sold, no waste and they pay attention to the problem.

The capsule collection can now be ordered online at and the pre-sale closes on 30 December. Production will be delivered at home in early February 2019.

It is a hot topic in the fashion industry - pollution, exploitation and growing waste mountain. Unrobe's mission is to undress the fashion industry from its bad habits. One of those bad habits is overproduction that results in a growing waste mountain. There is only mass production and there is a disposable society. That is why Daan Ubachs and Koen Warmerdam go for a completely innovative model: selling collections on a pre-order basis. "By making made-to-order, we actually do something about the waste problem", says Koen Warmerdam.

Fashion For Good - Museum for sustainable fashion

In October, the world’s first interactive museum for sustainable fashion innovation opened in Amsterdam. The Experience is an interactive museum outfitted with the latest technology. If you’re interested in fashion, innovation and sustainability this is a fun, immersive must-visit venue in Amsterdam. The museum aims to change the hearts and minds of the visitors by telling stories behind the clothes you wear, shows you how to take action and have a positive impact on the fashion industry. Through a personalised digital journey with an RFID-bracelet you can learn about the history of good fashion, discover sustainable products and explore fashion innovations of the future. Throughout the building, you can find concrete ways to have a positive impact, commit to taking action and shop sustainable products.

In its Good Shop, the Fashion for Good Experience also showcases current concepts that show good fashion is already available today. The store features curated product collections that are built around inspiring themes and swapped out every three months.
The first theme is “Splash: Rethinking the Role of Water in Fashion” and features products from adidas x Parley, Kings of Indigo, ECOALF, Insane in the Rain, Karün and Ms. Bay.

The Fashion for Good Experience, at Rokin 102 in Amsterdam, will open on the 5th of October. The Experience will be open seven days a week and is free of entry.

More information about current programme and Fashion for good:

David Lynch: Someone is in my House - Bonnefantenmuseum

David Lynch: Someone is in my House
30.11.2018 - 28.04.2019
Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht

On 30 November, the Bonnefantenmuseum is hosting the long-awaited extensive retrospective Someone is in my House, by the American artist David Lynch.
Although David Lynch is undoubtedly a pivotal figure in the international film and TV world, his work as a visual artist is not nearly as well-known. This is strange, to say the least, as Lynch has always stressed that he sees himself primarily as a visual artist; a visual artist who came into contact with the medium of film during his studies at the art academy by chance. This encounter formed the basis for his career as film director. Alongside his work as a director, Lynch has always remained active as a visual artist and in recent decades has created a vast oeuvre of paintings, drawings, lithos, photos, lamp sculptures, music and installations. Up to now, this oeuvre has seldom been exhibited in museums. The Bonnefantenmuseum is not only presenting the first museum exhibition of Lynch's visual art in the Netherlands, but also the largest retrospective ever, comprising over 500 works by the artist.

About David Lynch, visual artist
Although the work of Lynch (1946, Missoula, Montana, US) might suggest otherwise, filled as it is with dark violence and sexuality, the artist and filmmaker's childhood was a happy and loving one. Lynch's parents loved to travel, so he led a nomadic life from an early age, which for him was an idyllic and safe environment. Encouraged from an early age to be creative – colouring books were forbidden in favour of using his own imagination – he ended up studying painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, in Philadelphia. There, Lynch developed his artistic vocabulary and themes that would recur throughout his future work. It also paved the way to his first mixed media installation with stop-motion film, Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) (1967), which formed the prelude to his first feature film Eraserhead (1977). The rest is (film) history, and nowadays Lynch's films are modern classics.
Lynch's artistry runs like a thread through his life and his films. Throughout his fifty-year career, he has continued to draw and paint, even when his work as a film director meant there was little time to spend in his studio.
"I miss painting when I'm not painting", says Lynch himself in the recent autobiography Room to Dream."
In collaboration with David Lynch, the Bonnefantenmuseum is presenting an impressive retrospective of Lynch's multifaceted artistry. The exhibition includes paintings, photos, drawings, lithos and watercolours spanning the sixties to the present, unique drawings on matchbooks from the seventies, sketchbooks from the sixties, seventies and eighties, black and white photos from various periods, including the famous Snow Men photo series (1993), cartoons from the series The Angriest Dog in the World (1982-1993), audio works and some short films from 1968-2015. And for the first time since its creation in 1967, the all-decisive academy work Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) will be shown in a museum exhibition.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Hermione Flynn: A 3D Performance Artist

A new era has begun at the Berlin fashion-house, Hermione Flynn. As a trained performance artist, Flynn has always pioneered clothing design centered around artistic concept, social commentary and mixed media presentations. As one not to shy away from innovation, Flynn is now embracing and pioneering 3D as her chosen medium of artistic communication.

This shift in Flynn's process has resulted in the creation of a highly accurate and realistic 3D replica of the designer's own physical form. This digital-double will function as Flynn's own 3D performance-art avatar.

"A challenge I have always faced in the art-direction of performance is the unavoidable reality that I cannot "see" myself. It was this restriction that refrained me from ever performing in my own works, and forced me to always collaborate with models, actors or dancers to realize the performances. Now that I have the avatar (I call her "Em"), I have the capacity to direct my own exact form, and analyse and critique my own performance. The other fascinating realization is also that Em obviously does not have a soul (yet!), meaning that I can subject her to scenarios I would never normally put myself (or any person) through. This has opened up a whole new realm to my approach to the art-work as a concept.
In addition to this, the 3D medium also has it's own other-worldly qualities which defy real-life. Em can pass through walls, change her form, colour or appearance in an unlimited number of ways. Em can take on the movement of a ballerina, a soldier or a sex worker (through the use of motion capture technology). This freedom has opened the doors to a reality which is unlike any we can fathom, and as an artistic medium, 3D is truly like no other." - Hermione Flynn

As a first look at the avatar, Flynn has created a 3D campaign "Watermark" which explores concepts of "digital make-up" as well as exposes the texture-mapping of 3D objects.

Hermione Flynn intends to produce limited edition concept-collections, which are a simple by-product of the 3D art and performances created. The introduction of 3D will also drastically inform the creative process - from cloth simulations to 3D printing, the products produced at Hermione Flynn will certainly reflect this new era.

The movement towards 3D-created content is unavoidable. It is sweeping through the entertainment, social media, advertising, VR and AI industries (to name a few), so the influence on fashion and art is now utterly inevitable. Flynn has been able to take advantage of such a movement, through the exclusive partnership with Berlin-based 3D content-creators Synthetic.Studio and sister company Mimic Productions.

"We are thrilled about this new endeavor, and look forward to sharing and creating new content in the field of performance, art and fashion. Whether it's virtual reality, animated videos or 3D stills, we will be embracing the authentic potential and unlimited possibilities of this exciting new medium." - Hermione Flynn

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Immaterial - Ultramaterial

Max Stalter

Immaterial - Ultramaterial is an exhibition of hosted by Burg Giebichenstein University Halle at Veem building during Dutch Design Week.

The exhibition is all about demonstrating the diversity and bandwidth of our university.
Young graduates and students have been dedicating their time to rethinking manufacturing processes such as extruding, knitting and 3D printing, resulting in highly tangible (ultramaterial) products. Meanwhile, immaterial ideas and beliefs have been translated into thought-provoking installations to reflect and discuss societal issues.
By bringing together the upper and lower extremities of materiality, they capture the creative spectrum of what is happening in the hands and minds of our dedicated students.
The products and projects on display have been developed within the departments of Industrial Design, Conceptual Fashion Design, Textile Design and Interior Architecture, and including skilled artworks from the Ceramics and Jewellery classes. Every year, the Burg Roadshow curates and presents selected art and design works by our graduates and students at our favourite design weeks in Europe.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation 2018

Boris Maas - The Urge to Sit Dry'
The Graduation Show 2018 was the first edition in almost two decades to take place outside the walls of Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE). This move to a venue on the site of the historic Campina Milk Factory reflects a major shift in the public’s perception of design and the role of DAE.  
‘The relevance of design today’ says creative director Joseph Grima, ‘has vested us with a position in which we, as a profession, have unparalleled influence over our collective future. Now it is down to us, as an institution, to extend the horizon of design education in response, questioning and revisiting how we present our work and generate discourse and debate.’
G18 showcase featured 208 projects by 185 graduates, who shared their visions to the wide audience.

Take a look at my picture report that show most of the highlights.

Friday, 16 November 2018

18th edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje

Theodora Mitrovska
The eighteenth edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje was held from 1 to 4 November 2018 at the exclusive location of F.A.M.E'S and Skopje Marriott Hotel.
FWS has launched a new initiative in Macedonia, the project #Sustainablestorymk based on sustainable desgn and re-use of waste.
With this new project and international cooperations such as with the United Fashion project, FWS has taken a good step into developing new perspectives for their future generations. For a rather small country of Macedonia, that is currently under political radar because of the name-debate, initiatives like FWS are a positive contribution to the development of new narratives through fashion.

Eight young creative artists under the mentorship of the designer Irina Tosheva, in partnership with British Council, created Macedonian sustainable story #Sustainablestorymk. On this capsule collections made of textile waste the following designers where involved: Emanuela Trajceska, Sara Redzic, Eva Zarezankova, Natalie Naumova, Radica Lazova, Katerina Dimitrovska, Mirjana Josifoska and Dana Kjoseva.

The project is realized by the Fashion Weekend Skopje and the Macedonian Fashion Association in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia within the framework of the New Cultural Wave 2018, the British Council and our partners Textile Trade Association Textile Cluster -Macedonia in cooperation with the factories Okitex, La Dama, Bella, AFG, Monikaand Istkomerc Sanda.
Active participation and support gave civic-led networkAjdeMacedonia! , the companyEcotipwith the ecological bottles for water Retap, Academy for fashion design DJolev and Arts (Seavus educational&development center).
Sara Redzic

This season unvealed fifteen new collections. The eighteenth edition was opened by the established designer Lidiya Georgieva, who with her collection celebrated twenty years of work in Paris and Macedonia. From the well known names we have also seen the collections of Irina Tosheva, Silvija Mihajlovska from the studio Alshar and Olgica Gorgieva. Additionally, one of the most famous brands of Italian jewelry Sigma, brought its new pieces exactly to Fashion Weekend Skopje.

Each season we have designers with whom we unite the region and bring Europe to us. This time it was KRENARERUGOVA by talented designer Krenare Rugova who was studying in New York and Paris and selling her creations in several markets across Europe.
Olgica Gjorgieva
Theodora Mitrovska, who finished her education at the University in London after opening the Riga Fashion Week, presented her collection during FWS. Another creative proposal came from Error Kolektiv and their three brands: ATAMI, Em Ellephantski and [0.10] error of harmony.

Theodora Mitrovska
Aleksandra Jovanovska, who has been creating various creations for ten years, has chosen her best pieces and this time presented them in one collection. Students from the Academy of Fashion Design Jolev and the Arts (Seavus Educational & Development Center) presented their final collections on which they’ve worked under the mentorship of the well known designers Nikola Eftimov and Nikola Buleski-Bule.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

HOW&WOW - Studio

Christa van der Meer

Crafts Council Nederland presented the exhibition HOW &WOW - Studio in VEEM building during the Dutch Design Week 2018

Featuring work of: Agustina Bottoni, Astrid Luglio, Babs van den Thillart, Boris de Beijer, Christa van der Meer & Gino Anthonisse – Das Leben am Haverkamp, Christine Jetten, Daan Veerman, David Derksen, De Ploeg, EE Exclusives, Emma Wessel, Foteine Makri, Joana Schneider, Lio de Bruin, Louët, Maartje Trooster, Makers Unite, Making and Metal, Maartje van der Heide, Nane-Sophie Bergmann, Patric Bakker, Sara Ricciardi, Tamara Verbruggen, Wieger van der Heide and Xandra van der Eijk.

More info:

Shape Shifters - New Order of Fashion

Chien Hsiang Hung, T'ang Sheng
Modebelofte / New Order of Fashion

Each year, during the Dutch Design Week, Modebelofte is one of the must see fashion showcases. Modebelofte, in the future to continue as New Order of Fashion,  is a project that shows the forefront of young fashion designers who strive towards more autonomy, imagination, and experimentation in how we express the complexities of we shape our identites. The 2018 edition translated the need of humans to transform into the contept of shapeshifting within a bubble-like installation designed by Harm Rensink.
The New Order of Fashion displays a fresh look of the state of the art coming from the new generation of designers.

Participating designers were  Sinéad O’Dwyer, Kota Okuda, Floyd Hogan, Yuting Zhu, Lingfeng ZHU, Pierre-Louis Auvray, Emma Wessel, Anna Dorian, Studio PMS, Stina Randestad, Marie Sloth Rousing, Chien Hsiang Hung, Axel Backlund, Stefan Kartchev, Savanah Avery, River Renjie Wang, Alicia Minnaard, Matilda Söderberg, Juha Vehmaanperä, Paolo Carzana and Lieselot Elzinga.
In addition there were cooperations under the new concept Fellowships, containing two projects: Ecco Leather x Kira Goodey and  Kobe x AnoukxVera.

The magical concept of shapeshifting must be deeply ingrained into our psyche, as it is a popular theme in myths and fairy tales, in shamanism and witchcraft, in religious texts and science fiction, in the arts and culminating in our modern ‘makeability’ cultus.
The New Order of Fashion team perceives an increasing desire to alter not solely our digital selves, but also our actual physical form. By bending gender and appreciating beauty in diversity, and through our fitness fanaticism, cosmetic surgery, and biohacking, the human form is altered to that of a cyborg. A surprising number of young designers are researching new expressions of identity as an answer to a fast changing and multidimensional living environment, considering the increasing influence of technology, migration issues and climate change. Fashion offers an endless toolbox of silhouettes, expressions, associations and identifications.


ROBOT LOVE is an accessible and interactive multidisciplinary exhibition about the love between humans and robots.
In ROBOT LOVE, more than 50 artists, designers and scientists ask you whether robots are capable of love. And whether you could love them.

The exhibition is staged in a large setting at the Campina Milk Factory in Eindhoven and open until 2nd of December 2019.

ROBOT LOVE will provide an intruiging journey and awake thoughts on the influence technique and science have on our society.

Robot Love is organised by the Niet Normaal Foundation, previously responsible for, among others, Niet Normaal, Ja Natuurlijk and recently Hacking Habitat. 

For more information:

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Złota Nitka - Łódź Young Fashion 2018

Adrian Krupa
The Final Gala of the National Contest "Złota Nitka" 2018

On Thursday evening, 18th of October, the national contest Złota Nitka took place at Academy of Fine Arts Łódź as part of the Łódź Young Fashion 2018 festival.
The contest is aimed at both professional and debuting designers - artists affiliated with fashion schools, art colleges and freelancers, born after 1988. However, graduating from schools and previous achievements in the field of fashion are not as important as a fresh approach to global trends and courage in presenting one's own style.
The goal of the contest is to present the potential of Polish designers. An important criterion for the contest is how usable the collection is - the fulfilment of the ‘ready to wear’ condition. The collection must be prepared for mass production.  The leitmotif of this year’s edition is HARMONY.

The winner, Adrian Krupa received 30,000 prize in zlotys and opportunity to present his collection during the final gala of the International Contest – Łódź Young Fashion Award 2018.

More information: 
All images by brankopopovicblog

Łódź Young Fashion Award 2018

Laima Jurča

Since 2017, the city of Łódź repositioned itself as a relevant moment in the year for the emerging young designers. The international contest “Łódź Young Fashion Award” dedicated to professional designers and debutants - artists associated with fashion schools, art colleges and freelancers, born after 1988. The theme of this year's edition was "FREEDOM". On October 20, twelve finalists where given the stage on the last day of Łódź Young Fashion festival.
Twelve outstanding designers presented their collections at the Academy of Fine Arts Łódź, the venue where all fashion shows of Łódź Young Fashion take place. Laima Jurča from Latvia was named winner by the jury.  The main prize - the Manequine statuette and 30,000 the euro was handed over by the Major of the City of Lodz, Hanna Zdanowska. Emilie Thirion from Belgium won the special prize of 2,000 euro by the Academy of Fine Arts Łódź. 
The winning collection, PIECGADES ĢENERĀL MĒĢINĀJUMS, thematically refers to the Soviet era - the period of empty shops, limited choice and all-encompassing drabness, which forced huge creativity and ingenuity, and encouraged to create bold things in the comfort of your home. Her author studied "Art of Fashion" at the Art Academy of Latvia and "Fashion Design" at Latvijas Mākslas Akademy. Her plans are to devote her prize to creating her own brand.
Łódź Young Fashion is a great new event organised by Academy of Fine Arts Łódź and City of Łódź, making it again the most interesting fashion event in Poland.

The Finalists:
Barbara Byleuskaya, Sandra Magdalena Dąbrowska,  Katarzyna Dworecka, Anna Gulbe, Laima Jurča, Baiba Tamane, Emilie Thirion, Tanya Tur, Sara Valenci, Riddhi Vora, Jackob Buczynski, Tjaša Zalar

Jury: Leslie Holden, Alberto Caselli, Branko Popovic, Studio MMC, Hanna Zdanowska, Kasia Sokołowska, Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak, Tomasz Ossoliński, Dawid Tomaszewski, Joanna Strzelecka,Marta Drożdż, Marcin Świderek
All images by brankopopovicblog

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

ModaLisboa - MULTIPLEX

Nuno Gama
ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week
SS 2019

ModaLisboa - Multiplex edition took place from 11 - 14 October at the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, celebrating the multiple ways of living and making fashion. The SS2019 edition of the biggest fashion gathering in Portugal, successfully showcased the most important Portuguese designers, industry professionals, journalists and international guests. It was a real pleasure to be part of this celebration again.

In addition to catwalk shows, Wonder Room and talks a new feature to the programme was introduced, the Workstation. The multidisciplinary platform contained design, fashion, photography and illustration. Five young designers presented their collection on October 11 in the gardens of Estufa Fria. Among them FASHIONCLASH Festival participants João Oliveira and Filipe Augusto and designers Tiago Loureiro, Cristina Real and António Castro. Throughout the days that follow the photographers and illustrators showed their view on the Multiplex edition. In particular, the works of the illustrators Perky Mary, Mafalda Fialdo and Camila Gondo were noticed.

Pavilhão Carlos Lopes

The fashion show schedule kicked off on Friday with emerging designers. ModaLisboa continues their support for new talent through Sangue Novo (New Blood) platform. 10 designers where selected to show their collection, among them the FASHIONCLASH Festival talent Pu Tianqu from China. Since several editions, the platform has been broadened to include international designers, making it an exciting mix.

FASHIONCLASH Festival winner, Carolina Raquel
FASHIONCLASH Festival winner, Carolina Raquel
On behalf of FASHIONCLAH, I had the pleasure to meet all the designers and choose one as winner of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019. Making the decision was not easy! All candidates presented interesting proposals. Eventually there can be only one winner and this time I named Carolina Raquel as winner. Certainly, worth mentioning are Saskia Lenaerts who will proceed her path at the MA at Central Saint Martins, the conceptual designer Federico Protto, the Spanish designer Victor Huarte and the one-to-watch designer from Portugal, Rita Carvalho.

Away to Mars
The intensive program with shows from well-known and upcoming designers took place in the coming days. Even the threat of Hurricane Leslie could not stop fashion storm that hit the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes and the surrounding parks. Even the National Museum of Ancient Art was hit. The always anticipated show by Nuno Gama took place in the museum. The mannequins were scattered on the floor dedicated to Portuguese painting and sculpture. The models where places as "living" statues among the exhibited works of art. The Saint Vincent Panels, which are on the third floor of the National Museum of Ancient Art (MNAA), were the main reason for Nuno Gama to choose the place to present his collection.

Powered by Portugal Fashion, Alexandra Moura was returned to ModaLisboa, presenting the 'Heirloom' collection inspired by childhood heritage. Telling a story of a girl from the city that spends her holidays on her grandmother's house in the countryside.

Away to Mars again presented a strong collection with beautiful prints and beautiful ready-to-wear garments. Their Drawn by Light collection was not only a complete story, but also the cast models was on point. Aleksandar Protic always presents well-designed pieces where you can clearly see the hand of the couturier who respectfully deals with fabrics and knows how to dress the female body. This time he surprised with a wider range of colours and garments. He succeeded with the application of neon. Other highlights were the collections of Patrick de Padua, Luis Carvalho, Ricardo Andrez, Kolovrat and Constança Entrudo.
Dino Alves, the closing show of the Multiplex edition

View my photo report for a summary of the highlights.
All images by brankopopovicblog


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