Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Berend Brus - I haven’t started yet

Rotterdam based designer Berend Brus presented his new collection during FASHIONCLASH Festival. After his successful graduation collection, that earned him a spot in the prestigious Lichting show in 2018, Berend stepped it up and proved his promising status with a more mature collection.

The collection ‘I haven’t started yet’ is inspired by a journey of rebellion, coming from kicking against social norms.The fight for the freedom of expression which deviates from the social norm has been strengthened by the invention of the nuclear family. A continuous clash between the free spirits, the colorful souls with the government preferred suburban bliss. We have to evaluate the norms and values of the mold that we were created in, and decide for ourselves what holds value, and what parts we want to burn down. A search for the similarities and visual language between the two dichotomies. The persistent exchange between pull and push has been the inspiration for Berend Brus’ new collection.

Instagram @berendbrus

Photography by Pasarella Photography


ANNJOY - Fisherman's Friend collection

ANNJOY is a collaboration of German designers Anne Bellinger and Joy Weinberger.

Fishing, for some is just a cherished hobby- others make a living from it. Is it about maximizing profits or creating sustainability? This is where romance, tradition and individualism meet functional optimization: in clothing for professionals and outdoor lovers, as well as in process-linked tools and the work process itself. In our collection we address contradictions, take them out of context and reposition them. We take the aestheticization of the original function to its extreme, up to the point of absurdity. Combining humor and irony, an attempt is made to create a connection between these worlds.

Photography by Pasarella Photography

BUMAGN - The Flower Doctor

BUMAGN, collective by designers Irina Budac (Romanian) and Rielle Magnee (Dutch), presented their striking menswear collection 'The Flower Doctor' during FASHIONCLASH Festival.
Irina Budac and Rielle Magnee both graduated from VIA Design in Denmark.
In addition to the show program they presented work at the Showpieces exhibition at de Bijenkorf. In this exhibition they presented a piece from the “The art collector” collection that tells a story of a lonely man that goes through three different stages of mental illness.

The concept of, “The Flower Doctor”, takes on several environmental issues, such as global warming and the extinction of our beloved honey bee, as it walks us through a story which portrays a grouchy old man, making absurd, yet humorous efforts in hopes of saving his treasured plants and flowers. The collection addresses the issue of waste within the fashion industry and is produced of 100% of upcycled materials and together with the story, is intended as a satirical approach to today’s environmental insensitivity. “Save the beezzz”, says the old man, “Get off my lawn!” shouts the old man.

Instagram: @bumagnofficial

Photography by Pasarella Photography


ODE AAN OMA debuted during the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. ODE AAN OMA is a collective by three young Dutch fashion designers who graduated from HKU Utrecht. The team member are Jasmijn Taken, Debbie Jellema and Mirte Luijmes.

The idea for ODE AAN OMA is inspired by our own grandmothers; nowadays we experience a gap between the younger and older generation. Craftsmanship, knowledge and stories from this generation are a great source of inspiration. By many collaborations we created an innovative and unique collection. Using second-hand and overstock materials our collection is for 80% sustainable. Sustainability is an important issue that we embrace and is a big part of the process. We want to tell a story, bringing two worlds together. A project between conceptually creative and accessible wearable, breaking the gap of the elderly and youth.

Instagram @odeaanoma

Photography by Pasarella Photography

Annaiss Yucra Mancilla - Resistencia

Peruvian designer Annaiss Yucra Mancilla presented her collection 'Resistencia' during the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht.

"Without gender and without labels, with pieces that are not reduced to a single season of the year, but look for timelessness, as well as the message that exists behind them. That’s Resistencia, our latest collection. Resistencia is a voice, one that is born from social movements in favor of the feminine struggle. It is an interpretation of what it means to be a woman, or to be part of a minority, in the 21st century; to stop seeing the victims as figures or numbers and start seeing them as people, where each one has something to say" 

Instagram: @annaiss_design

Photography, Pasarella Photography

Monday, 11 November 2019

Clash Project 2019

Hanneke & Tosca
Pasarella Photography
Since the beginning of FASHIONCLASH Festival in 2009, FASHIONCLASH invites ten artists and designers for the CLASH Project with assignment to translate their work into wearable catwalk pieces.
Participants from different art and design disciplines are challenged to transfer their practice, both materially and conceptually to a different medium. CLASH is the perfect opportunity to step out of your artistic comfort zone, to play and experiment with other forms of art. The participants are professionals who represent various artistic disciplines, such as fine art, product design, performance and photography. All disciplines except fashion are possible. The CLASH Project is an iconic project, forming one of the highlights of the FASHIONCLASH Festival and its outcome is always refreshing, captivating and trendsetting.
Results of the CLASH Project where presented during the Clash Show on Friday, November 1 during FASHIONCLASH Festival.
Clash project on the catwalk of FASHIONCLASH Festival
Pasarella Photography

In addition a photoshoot was organized, resulting in the stunning series by photographer Laura Knipsael.

More information:

CLASH Project 2019 participants + shoot 

Saturday, 9 November 2019


Tom Van der Borght has a history of leaving impressions at FASHIONCLASH Festival. This year was no different. In fact, his impressive show earned him the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 Talent award and the Clash Show Public Award.
Currently at a master programme at Toneelacademie Maastricht, Tom is a multi-talented transdisciplinary artist playing with the boundaries of fashion, art, illustration and performance. In his ongoing artistic research process, he goes on a quest to challange normativity. Being queer and disabled himself, intersectionality is at the core of his work. With his peresentation at FASHIONCLASH Festival he explored the performative elements further. Hi impressed not only with the performance but also with the craftsmanship and the layered narrative.

"Our technology-based society is built on likes, and sharing “our happy life”. We deal with negative things in solitude. In such moments we crave for connection and community as an antidote for loneliness and exclusion. TVDB develops a series of 7 rituals in search for new ways of collectivity, based on 7 stages of his own life. This research explores non-normative bodies on the intersection of fashion, performance and visual art. The first ritual of 7, Act 01: a Safe Cocoon is a low-tech procession that explores the tension between wearing and being worn, between carrying and being carried. 7 outfits are created out of 7 materials. 7 is and will always be a magic number."

Photography Pasarella Photography

Carlijn Veurink at FASHIONCLASH Festival

After the memorable debut in 2018, Carlijn Veurink impressed again with her new collection at FASHIONCLASH Festival. The presentation featured a live reading of a story by creative writer Jante Wortel.

A Vibrant Encounter is a collection of sculptural costumes. The structures and constructions give each piece their own autonomy. The costume becomes an identity, every performer becomes a character and together they visualize a story. A story about the tension and interaction between these characters, written by Jante Wortel.

‘A bird of paradise grows in my belly. I know it is impossible, but I feel the cadence, the soft singing, the rhythmic ticking against the walls of my body.’ 

The show is a performance with a surreal ambience. A collision of sound, words, movements and colours.

See the recap from her 2018 show, still of of my personal favorite.
A | Scen | Dance by Carlijn Veurink from Carlijn Veurink on Vimeo.

Photography: Pasarella Photography

Body Alumni - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019

During the 11th edition FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019, the Class fof 2019 from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design presented their graduation collections in the framework of a collective show 'Body Alumni'.

All six designers impressed with their presentations. The opening performance by Wholina was a beautiful example of poetical narrative and the 2019 state of mind that was felt at many graduation shows in the Netherlands. This state of mind can be best described as 'togetherness'. She presented a sustainable biodegradable collection that is a result of a well-researched process that has it roots in a holistic design manifesto inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy Wu-Xing.
Jolieke Kessels' presentation was accompanied by a live harp player, suiting her crafted collection. Fascinated by different cultures coming together and her personal background of being involved in urban dance scene, Dana Lipka gave an energetic show with hip hop dancers.
Ashley Luypaers explored the manifestation of selfexpression within menswear. Her collection “Peacocking” reflects how mens fashion has been limited by traditionally and culturally informed ideas of masculinity. The collection features traditional tailoring, combined with inspiration from the MMA and (kick)boxing culture, including bold prints, fabrics and silhouettes, challenging traditional norms, associations, and expectations of male fashion.
Michelle Cornelissen created an alter ego MICHI’M portrayed as a villain and based on her personal characteristics. "The MICHI’M collection is a combination of the esteem of both the classical uniform and the status of a trend. The uniforms are absolute identities that manipulate the wearers character. They are created out of army materials from the DDR era. MI stands for personal identity. CH connects I’M, I’m who I wanna be. This confirms the infinite expression and equality. We increasingly mimic the characteristics of a villain in the desire to become a princess, pursuit for perfection. ‘’SOMNIUM VERUM EVADIT’’"
Max Niereisel' collection Eternal Splendor is caricature of popular culture on social media and luxury. He got inspired by camp aesthetic and aimed to express the change of the luxury market. 
"My collection is an expression of the changing luxury market and social media that is a filtered and exaggerated image of a self-created persona. I based my collection on new status symbols that are not suitable for daily life. I am fascinated by the manufacturability of mankind that embraces artifice and exaggeration."

Michelle Cornelissen won the Public Award based on audience votes and Max Niereisel was named winner of the Chapeau Magazine Talent Award 2019.

Body Alumni is a group of individual designers that recently graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design (MAFAD). Their approach is to examine the in-betweens of the human body, fashion, material and the environment. As their education allowed an in-depth research for fields like history, identity, social & political issues and philosophy, the outcomes are just as offbeat as the young designers themselves. All the individual works of this small group, visually as different as possible, deal with the same themes at the end of the day: They are operating between abyss and luxury, culture and identity, body and mind; Continuously questioning the role of the designer in today’s times.

Body Alumni designers are Ashley Luypaers, Jolieke Kessels, Lipka, Max Niereisel, Michelle Cornellisen, Wholina and Natalia Rumiantseva (who gradiated with a collection of jewellery designs).

Photography Pasarella Photography

Fabio Bigondi - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019

Fabio Bigondi, Italian designer and Polimoda graduate impressed with his collection Sons of Guns inspired by the work of the Richard Mosse who is known for his surrealistic war scences photography. In his collection Fabio plays with the contradictions such as manly stereotypes versus soft and fluffy textures or streetstyle versus middle eastern dress and aesthetic.

“Sons of Guns” fully expresses the role that weapons have taken over time and especially what they have at this time. I wanted to tell the reality, comparing apparently different cultures, but in this case they have many points in common. From Yemen to the USA, to the Congolese tribe “Pende Minganji”. Color is the common thread, the first items are dark and angular, but continuing the tones change and become more and more lively and iridescent, this to show the transition from reality to total illusion."

Instagram: fabiobigondidesigns
Photography: Pasarella Photography


Teun Seuren presented his new collection 'A Golden Renaissance' during the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. He was part of the NextLevel Show programme from which he also got the Public Award. With this collection he has raised the bar and surpassed himself. The collection felt like homecoming, where his handwriting as a designer was revealed in the golden spotlight.

"In a society in which we still attach too much value to a masculine male gender, and where femininity is still very suppressed among the male gender, I go back to our innocent childhood. In which we expressed ourselves without thinking of social stigmas and rules. In which we embrace and respect each other as individuals. Unfortunately we poison ourselves as we become more aware of social standards. In which we justify ourselves with words such as tolerance and think that this is a good thing. In this collection you can see the layering of duality in these polluted words."

Instagram @teun_seuren
Photography: Laura Knipsael

Friday, 8 November 2019


During FASHIONCLASH Festival, Marres will be transformed into a Performance House for crossovers between fashion and theatre. Part of the performance program was the educational research project ORLANDO based on the novel by Virginia Woolf. The second year Directing students of the Toneelacademie Maastricht (Maastricht Institute of Performing Arts) were invited to explore the topics of transformation, gender and identity in the context of fashion design. The project resulted in a group presentation containing short individual performances. All students expressed their findings and personal take on Orlando in shape of a new narrative.

Orlando is an educational project initiated in the context of FASHIONCLASH Festival, coordinated and guided by Joost Horward and Branko Popovic.

Students: Bogi Bakker, Britt Buntenbach, Talla Dirkzwager, Emma van den Elshout, Max Gruson, Noah Janssen, Nanine Maria Kok Cecilia Thoden van Velzen, Lore Mechelaere, Léon de Vrede, Berber Brouwer, Seppe Salome
photo Mare Kuzmanovski
Picture report by Branko Popovic, unsless mentioned otherwise

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Highlights 11th FASHIONCLASH Festival

FASHIONCLASH presented the 11th edition of the international and interdisciplinary fashion festival in Maastricht.

During this three-day festival, more than 100 emerging designers and (performing) artists from around the world will have the opportunity to show their work to a diverse, international audience. The multidisciplinary program includes fashion shows and presentations, exhibitions, awards, fashion talks theatre and dance performances and more. There were many memorable moments such as the impressive show by Tom Van der Borght, thoughts provoking Fashion & Politcs Talk, intimate performances at Marres and imaginative exhibition New Fashion Narratives at Bureau Europa. But there was much more for everyone.

And the winners are…
The fashion show program was festively concluded with the presentation of eight prizes.
1 Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019 - Public award, prize of (€1000,-!)
Winner: Iris van Wees

2 Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019 - Jury award, ( €2.500,-)
Honorable mention: Elke Lutgerink
Fashion Makes Sense Award jury: John de Greef, Emy Demkes, Marlo Saalmink and Sjaak Hullekes 

Teun Seuren, winner Public Award NextLevel Show
3 FASHIONCLASH Festival Talent Award 2019 (€ 1.500,-)
Winner: TVDB (Tom Van der Borght)

FCF 2019 Award jury: Alberto Caselli Manzini (editor-in-chief Collezioni Sports & Street Magazine), Martien Mellema (creative director / founder Vogue Netherlands), Phillippe Pourhashemi (ASVOF, Fucking Young Magazine, Behind the Blinds), Martyn Roberts (creative director at Fashion Scout), Marcel Schultt (editor-in-chief Kaltblut Magazine) 

4 Chapeau Magazine Talent Award 2019
Winner: Max Niereisel
5 NextGen - Public award (€ 500,-)
Winner: Chiron Floris
6 Clash - Public award (€ 500,-)
Winner: TVDB (Tom Van der Borght)
7 NextLevel - Public award (€ 500,-)
Winner: TEUN (Teun Seuren)
8 Body Alumni - Public award, powered by Fashion House project (€ 500,-)
Winner: Michelle Cornelissen

Tom Van der Borght, winner Public Award Clash Show and FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 talent award

Winners - Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019

FASHIONCLASH presented the 3rd edition of ‘Fashion Makes Sense Award’ (FMSA), a returning motivation prize for sustainable young designers.
On September 28 the FMSA was officially opened at Cube Design Museum in The Netherlands with a special program with workshops and fashion talks. On Novemver 2 during the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 the winners where announced. GARCIABELLO from Argentina won the Jury prize of €2.500,- and the Audience prize of €1000,- went to Dutch designer Iris van Wees. Honorable mention is for Elke Lutgerink.
Jury panel consisted of Marlo Saalmink, John de Greef, Emy Demkes and Sjaak Hullekes.

With the Fashion Makes Sense Award project FASHIONCLASH aims to develop talent and support sustainable designers on the one hand and raise awareness of sustainability related issues with a larger audience on the other. FMSA is meant to motivate and stimulate promising talent to think about sustainability and to offer young talents support in developing a durable collection.
Previous winners were Paolo Carzana, MUKASHI MUKASHI, SANDERMANN, Gal Yakobovitch and Strikks.

The 10 finalists are exhibited at Cube Design Museum and one during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 in Maastricht. The exhibition at Cube Design Museum is open until January 20.

FMSA 2019 Finalists are:
1. Anouk Beckers (Netherlands)
2. Iris van Wees (Netherlands)
3. Aurélie Fontan (France)
4. Elke Lutgerink (Netherlands)
5. N. Palmer (UK)
6. GARCIABELLO (Argentina)
7. Barbara Stutz (Switzerland)
8. Linda Valkeman (Netherlands)
10. yiyu chen (Taiwan)

Photography: Laura Knipsael


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