Thursday, 26 March 2020

DZHUS - Spring Summer 2020

 The "Algorithm" line draws inspiration from the structured system of work process, referring to both design development and sequence of the production rituals. Consistent patterns of actions and regulations have reflected in DZHUS’ pattern-making cult. Juxtaposing traditional cut techniques with avant-garde experiments, DZHUS have created a synthesis of innovative design inventions and rich utilitarian potential. The garments offer numerous unexpected transformations, which have already become DZHUS’ creative trademark. Having united intellectual solutions with exaggeratedly technological aesthetics, DZHUS are challenging the sartorial stereotypes by submitting a formula for a one-of-a-kind identity fitting perfectly in the uniform ambience.

Photo: Ania Brudna @aniabrudna
Styling: Irina Dzhus / DZHUS
Style Studio @irina.dzhus
Makeup & hair: Marina Averyanova / Y.Vision Creative Group @averyanova_mkmua
Models: Anastasia Kolenkova @a.kolenkova, Dasha Savchenko
Styling assistant: Andrii Popov @popovandrii
Vegetarian-friendly shoes: House Martin @housemartinkiev

Friday, 20 March 2020

Virtual Tour of Frida Kahlo Museum

What to do during Corona crisis lockdown? Take a virtual tour of “La Casa Azul”, the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico.
Google Arts & Culture have opened the doors to La Casa Azul, the Frida Kahlo museum, tucked away in the suburbs of Mexico. -> Take a tour

Monday, 16 March 2020

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Jan van Eyck Academy Open Studios 2020

Jan van Eyck Academy Open Studio's 2020 took place 5, 6 and 7 March.

This year, the Open Studios provided 45 participants with an opportunity to present what they have been working on during the past residency year. For this occasion, the academy - its studios, public spaces, labs, gardens and other locations in and beyond the building - were filled with exhibitions, presentations, performances, and more.
More information:
Elisa van Joolen

Yes, Please!

Marres x Company New Heroes

We are confronted with sex on a daily basis through porn, on dating apps, in movies, books, and the media. They all give us a forced perspective of how sex should look and feel. Young people and millennials are freer than ever, but suffer increasingly from performance pressure. Are our bodies attractive enough? Are we doing it right? What are our partners’ expectations, are they enjoying it? A new sense of prudery emerges that blocks our sexual freedom. There is one place, however, where we do not feel any pressure and are free to experiment: our imagination.

Through veils of shame, under soft carpets, and in a somewhat kinky kitchen, you’ll explore the variety of human imagination with help of a menu full of fantasies. Be amazed, surprised, touched, and shocked, and discover your own erotic identity.

Over the past two years, Company New Heroes has researched the erotic fantasies of more than 300 Dutch and Flemish people. Bolleke, a caravan equipped with audio equipment, visited several festivals to collect erotic fantasies. During the exhibition, Bolleke can be found in the garden of Marres, where visitors can share their own erotic fantasies upon registration.

Pascal Leboucq is the designer of the exhibition, and sound artist Marc Alberto makes the soundtracks. The dramaturgy of the exhibition, in which the research is also shared, is in the hands of Lucas De Man. They work with the creative networking company Company New Heroes.

The exhibition is part of the project Yes, Please!, a broad research to erotic fantasies.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Thom Browne - FW 2020

Thom Browne Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2020 Paris 

Thom Browne showed his men's and women's runway collections together during Paris Fashion Week fall/winter 2020. With this move he joined the co-ed trend and with his genderless approach this is very well suiting. Inspired by Noah's Ark, the collection featured animal masks and bags. Men wore women’s clothes while women were dressed in men’s clothes. And this all looks like a fairytale.

Comme Des Garçons Neo Future

With the Neo Future FW 2020 collection for Comme Des Garçons, the always uncompromising Rei Kawakubo reflected on her oeuvre. The collection is a result of continious quest to create new shapes with in the current context, where everything seems to be done and overexposed.

Issey Miyake - Fall Winter 2020

Issey Miyake FW 2020 collection was presented with another playful presentation directed by Daniel Ezralow. The collection 'Making Speaking, Speaking Making' is based on the theme of diversity and humanity. Satoshi Kondo's vision to express the power of human creation is something that puts a smile on my face in the current state where fashion is mostly questioned for it's impact on climate.

photography GioStaiano for NOWFASHION

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Collectie Arnhem 2020

Collectie Arnhem 2020 was presented on the 27th January in Arnhem.

Collectie Arnhem is a collective project in which third-year students of the Fashion Design bachelor at ArtEZ University of the Arts collaborate to develop, design and present their view on fashion today.

 'Collectie Arnhem 2020 celebrates the inner dilemma we all have: to act or not to act. With our collection we want you to rejoice in whatever choice you make and not feel paralysed by making the wrong one. To simply embrace a duality that afflicts us all. In our design process we analyse the everyday weighing up of action and retreat. We developed two identities that represent these two contrasting qualities.'
Instagram: @collectiearnhem

Photography: Meike van Lelyveld & Marco Blazevic

Friday, 20 December 2019

Body Control

Museum Arnhem presents Body Control until January 26 at De Kerk in Arnhem.

Body Control exhibition is a multidisciplinary exhibition that explores jewelry and fashion on the border of the human body and how the two interact with each other. The exhibition contains more than 200 objects by more than 100 international designers who explore and question current social issues concerning the manufacturability and limits of the human body.
The exhibition shows that jewelry and fashion designers from all over the world are responding to the concept of body, its limits and its manufacturability.
The exhibition has been composed by Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren, curator of jewelry at Museum Arnhem, and has been designed by the Arnhem design studio MAISON the FAUX.

Participants include Bart Hess, Sruli Recht, Flora Miranda, Frank Verkade, James Merry, Charissa van Dijk, Jimmy Junichi Suiguri, Daniel Ramos Obregon, Imme van der Haak, Iris van Herpen, Lauren Kalman, Ted Noten, Sinéad O’Dwyer, Neri Oxman, Ruudt Peters, Katja Prins, Ana Rajcevic, Mi-Ah Rödiger, Una Burke, Zyanya Keizer, Vika-Im, Dirk Vaessen, Studio IKKAI / Gerda Postma, Elwy Schutten, Marie Sloth Rousing and many more

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Fashion collection inspired by Europe

How Europe inspired fashion designers to design conversation piece collection

In the Pop-up Atelier Europa of Studio Europa Maastricht and FASHIONCLASH, ten young European fashion designers worked together to develop a Europe Collection within one week. They did this from a glass house at Mosae Forum from 2 to 8 December. Designers from countries like UK, Finland, Ukraine, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Serbia and Russia drew inspiration from the Dress to Protest workshops that were organized earlier this year for young people from the Euregion.

In addition, the designers were paired to performers, the students of the Toneelacademie Maastricht and iArts Maastricht, with the aim to express their concept through a short performance. The result is a collection of ten different approaches and visions about Europe translated into fashion creations.

On Sunday, 8th of December the ten outfits were unveiled with a performance during the Maastricht Europe Days closing show in the Eiffel building in Maastricht.

Beatrice Sangster (UK), Benedetta Marcucci (Italy), Julina Bezold (Switzerland), Kateryna Boiko (Ukraine), Michelle Cornelissen (Netherlands), Nevena Ivanović (Serbia), Julia Montin (Finland), Marko Feher (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Maria Ossaba (Belgium), Yana Monk (Russia)
Designers in fornt of the Pop-up Atelier Europa


Directed by Giovanni Brand
Performers: Giovanni Brand, Amber Rozema, Romy Moon, Nina Wilson, Melanie Barelds, Seppe Salomé, Cecilia A. Thoden van Velzen, Bo Oudendijk, Tijn Hoekzema, Tomas Claessens

Dress to Protest
Pop-up Atelier Europe is one of a series of activities organized in 2019 within the context of 'Dress to Protest'. With this project FASHIONCLASH and Studio Europa Maastricht are calling on young people to participate in design workshops to exchange ideas about Europe. With the imagination of fashion, they shape their visions and personal stories about Europe. During the workshops in May and September, a total of 180 students from different schools and nationalities, spoke about the meaning of European peace and cooperation for their personal freedom. The students then translated the outcomes of their brainstorm sessions into creative designs.

More information about the project: 
Dress to Protest workshops

Orlando Opera - Vienna State Opera

On December 8, Orlando premiered at the Vienna State Opera. The opera is an encounter of female creative minds across time and countries: It is based on the novel by Virginia Woolf, composed by Olga Neuwirth, with a libretto by Ms. Neuwirth and Catherine Filloux, directed by Polly Graham, with costumes by Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons.

Orlando is the first opera commissioned from a female composer by the Vienna Opera in its 150 years of existence, and the first time Ms. Kawakubo has designed for the stage.

Photography by David Payr for The New York Times

Courtesy: Read the full interview with Rei Kawakubo for NYTimes

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Press & Fold - Issue #1 Luxury

Press & Fold is an independent fashion magazine that aims to explore alternative fashion forms and narratives. The magazine provides a platform for critical fashion practitioners who actively seek out the cracks and fissures in the current fashion system to propose new opportunities for making and doing fashion.

More than 20 contributors – ranging from visual artists and writers to fashion designers and researchers – present their view on the issue’s theme: luxury.

Press & Fold Issue #1 Luxury, will be available from December 7th onwards at selected retailers and online at

Press & Fold is an initiative by Hanka van der Voet in collaboration with art director and graphic designer Beau Bertens.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Landscape as Cult - Bureau Europa

Landscape as Cult. A changing view on our nature 
28 November 2019 – 3 May 2020 

The exhibition 'Landscape as Cult. A Changing View on Our Nature' puts the people/landscape and culture/nature relationships into sharp focus. The stage for our actions us has always been the landscape around us, but have we almost outgrown this podium? Given the increasing awareness of our disastrous treatment of nature, are we still able – or willing – to feel connected to it? Or are we more inclined to attract the landscape towards us, or even to spend more time in nature?

Is the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve a realistic representation of a typically Dutch landscape? How 'Romantic' is our contemporary image of nature? Are we still self-reliant? Can technology and landscape architecture help us to reverse environmental decline?
This exhibition pits the Romantic experience of nature against the raw reality of cultivation. Landscape architecture is traditionally a historical analysis: a spatial design that strikes the right balance between ecology, biodiversity and culture. But what happens when instead of tackling the landscape horizontally you construct it vertically, from archaeology to satellite? What layers does it reveal and what meanings do we find embedded in the nature around us?
We examine our stewardship of planet Earth by looking at some notable figures who have changed our thinking forever, such as Eugene Dubois and Ian McHarg; by reflecting on the dying coral reefs as presented in 'Teatro Della Terra Alienata' (Theatre of The Alienated Land), the prize-winning Australian pavilion at the Milan Architecture Triennale; and by critically reflecting on our societal image of nature.

Jean-Baptiste Castel | Benjamin Earl | Fabrique & Q42 | Tracy Fullerton | Grandeza + Bajeza (Amaia Sanchez-Velasco, Jorge Valiente Oriol, Gonzal Valiente &Miguel Rodriguez-Casellas, University of Technology Sydney) | Lodovica Guarnieri & Gabriela Baka | Pascal Leboucq & Nieuwe Helden | Arjen de Leeuw | LOLA Landscape Architects & Piet Oudolf & Deltavormgroep | Next Architects & H+N+S Landscape Architects | Giacomo Nanni & Julian Peschel | RAAAF | Dirk Sijmons | Studio Marco Vermeulen | WEST8

Curator: Saskia van Stein
Co-curator: Remco Beckers
Graphic identity: Nina van Tuikwerd 

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Rebecca Carrington - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019

Rebecca Carrington, graduate from Manchester School of Art, presented her Ruby Ribbon collection during the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht. The collection is inspired by her pet parrot Ruby who died few years ago. Rebecca has had multiple success with her collection, the latest being awarded first prize at iD Dunedin Fashion Week. 

"I celebrated her by creating a narrative. The story of Miss Ruby Ribbon. Ruby Ribbon is a girl who works in a supermarket on the checkout tills and is stuck in a rut of 9-5. She retreats to her bedroom where she plays with all of her childhood toys even though she is 21 years old, she still loves toys. Her favorite toy her cash register transports her into a new world, a place called Childhood City where she meets a parrot called Dream, a dalmatian dog called Kid, her inner child Miss Lola Child and the evil presence in the story Mr Baddie who lives in the sky and throws out weapons, illegal substances etc which makes all the toys and women in the city go crazy. All of the characters live in a castle which is surrounded by brainwashed women and toys. Ruby Ribbon is there to save them all from Baddie, but she discovers that everyone in Childhood City has a bad side to them and that Baddie is more upfront about his. She discovers that Baddie is actually a good person inside and that not everything is what it seems in life."

Photography by Pasarella photography


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