Monday, 25 March 2019

The Floor is Lava - Marres

Marres, the house for Contemporary Culture in Maastricht presents The Floor is Lava, a must-see exhibition by the artist duo Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen.

The exhibition is on show until 4th of August 2019.

The whole buiding of Marres is transformed and filled with sculptures and molded portraits of people in everyday environments. Made from different materials, clay, cloth, wood, the figures have expressive faces, but are otherwise sketchily composed with stick legs, half torso’s and loosely hanging pieces of cloth. The faces seem mask-like, unrelated to the bodies that support them. They lean against a wall, sit on makeshift chairs, queue at a ticket office, or wait on a platform for a train to arrive at the station. They are actors in search of a play, as much as they are compositions of identity, that fictional moment of stasis in a world that is constantly on the move. The premise here is that people always play a role, different in every situation, with specific character traits and body language.

The title derives from a children’s game in which on command the players immediately have to get their feet off the floor and freeze in a certain position, as if they have been turned into statues.The liquid floor in the game suggests the added meaning of a world that is beyond our control, of shared values that are dissipating, and a future that has become uncertain. The figures inhabit the stage that is left when all that is solid has melted into air.


GAMUT is driven by six fashion designers and a visual director. Based in Paris, GAMUT purposely nurtures its links with other disciplines : designed like a laboratory, it functions without a leader and takes form through a contributory, open and collective exploration. GAMUT sprang from the desire to establish a horizontal model. Creation takes place with a completely collective and egalitarian approach, in a positive and respectful manner.

GAMUT’s aesthetics of collage is transposed through digital editing into the SS19 campaign. The models are installed in an imaginary reconstituted frame, a wobbly mixture of the workspaces of the GAMUT collective and familiar places of its members. At a time when one exists primarily on the Internet, when success is measured by the strength of algorithms and when David can finally compete against Goliath, GAMUT claims its right to be liar.

The campaign begins a reflection on duplicity, further developed in a fashion film project that will be presented at the same time as the next GAMUT collection, on June 22, 2019.

Photography - Julia Andréone and Ghazaal Vojdani
Styling - Samuel Bardaji
Beauty - Sumiyo Kyoshima and Miki Matsunaga
Models - Dustin Muchuvitz and Chris Massala

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Cracow Fashion Week 2019

Cracow Fashion Week 2019

The Cracow Fashion Awards Gala marked the start of the 10th edition of Cracow Fashion Week (March 9-17), organized by the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design in partnership with the City of Krakow and thanks to support of the partners AliExpress, Galeria Kazimierz and ICE Kraków.

Cracow Fashion Awards is a platform for fashion graduates of School of Art Design of SAPU. Out of more than 30 graduates, 14th where shortlisted to compete for the prizes.
On behalf of FASHIONCLASH, Nawie Kuiper and Branko Popovic participated in judging.

Anna Nowak-Curyło was named winner of the main prize. With her menswear collection "Identity" she was the deserved winner of the gala.

"The collection was created from the fascination of man and the mutual dependence of individuals. I wanted to show that we can not function one without the other, successes are achieved through the help of others. My collection would not happen without people who supported me and cooperated with me. I tried to pay special attention to details and the use of new technologies, I designed backpack with a moving hologram" - says Anna Nowak-Curyło.

 Another designer that delivered a consistent collection was Monika Cieślik, who drew inspiration from make workwear. Other designers worth mentioning are Tamara Avdieieva, Oliwia Jankowska, Kordian Mędrala and Nina Sakowska.
In an evening with a varying level, men's clothing outfits stood out. Nice outfits appeared here and there, but not everyone managed to implement the core of their idea into a complete story. Sometimes, the proposals were dated. Having said this, Poland is always a good reason to visit. For years, Poland has been a country to be aware of when it comes to acquiring new talent. Not to forget to mention to encounter the beautiful city of Krakow.
FASHIONCLASH has already presented a number of talented Polish designers such as Katarzyna Dworecka (Mindless) and Sandra Stachura who are alumni from Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design.

In addition, several guest designers where invited to show their work. Among them was Piotr Popiołek, a laureate of the Cracow Fashion Awards in 2017, presented a new collection inspired by the AliExpress portal, showing the symbiosis of his own fashion and global shopping brand. Thanks to SAPU’s cooperation with Donghua University from Shanghai (China), three Chinese designers, Huaiqun Sun, Mentong Yang and Quingyao Meng, presented their collections.

The international jury panel was composed of, among others, Katarzyna Sokołowska, Ilona Majer (MMC Studio), Jerzy Antkowiak, Landiana Yolo (influencer, deputy director of the Feeric Fashion Week), Nawie Kuiper and Branko Popović (FASHIONCLASH directors), Maria Cristina Rigano (Alta Roma, Monte Carlo Fashion Week), Bin Chen (Professor Donghua University, China), Natasha Pavluchenko, Anna Wasińska-Golonka (member of the board of OTCF, owner of the 4F brand), Anna Jatczak and Anna Puślecka.

Photographty: Artur Kostkowski
More information:

Highlights from ModaLisboa | Insight

Constança Entrudo
ModaLisboa  | Insight  
FW 2019

ModaLisboa Insight took place from 7 - 10 March 2019, presenting an extensive four-day program with fashion shows by both established as emerging designers from Portugal.

On Thursday evening several young presented their collection on the Workstation platform. Among them was António Castro with a collection inspired by Japanese flâneuses and flâneurs and Filipe Augusto, previous winner of Sangue Novo and also recipient of the FASHIONCLASH Festival Talent Award 2018.

ModaLisboa Insight edition presented the final phase of the SANGUE NOVO contest, on the 8th of March, where the six finalists, Archie Dickens, Carolina Raquel, Federico Protto, Opiar (Artur Dias), Rita Carvalho and The Co.Re (Inês Coelho and Rachel Regent) presented their new fall winter 2019/2020 collections.

After the assessment of the works developed by the designers, the jury composed by Miguel Flor (president of the jury and creative director of Principal magazine), Alfredo Oróbio (founding designer of the Awaytomars brand), Cláudia Barros (fashion director of Vogue Portugal magazine), Danilo Venturi (Polimoda director) and Diane Pernet (founder and director of the first fashion festival in the world, ASVOFF) voted the winners of the ModaLisboa Awards for Best National Designer and Best International Designer.

Carolina Raquel
Carolina Raquel, the winner of the ModaLisboa award for Best National Designer received a 5000 euros scholarship and will have the opportunity to attend a Master in Fashion Design at Polimoda in Florence, a scholarship worth € 26,000. Carolina Raquel was already named winner of the FASHIONCLASH Festival Award during the ModaLisboa Multiplex edition in October 2018. She will present her collection during the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival in November in Maastricht.

Federico Protto, the best international designer is invited to present a new collection on the Workstation platform at the next edition of ModaLisboa in October 2019. The Feeting Room concept store prize went to Archie Dickens.

Among strong designers on the schedule was Nycole by Tânia Nicole. Another former FASHIONCLASH Festival and Sangue Novo winner on the schedule was Nycole by Tânia Nicole who impressed with her consistent menswear collection. 

Furthermore the fashion days in Lisbon there where several strong proposals, in particular convincing where the designers staged on the LAB platform designers; Gonçalo Peixoto, Constança Entrudo and João Magalhães.

Take a look at some highlights.
Photography: Ugo Camera

Monday, 11 March 2019

MAISON the FAUX presents "MAISON pour MAISON"

On the 8th of March MAISON the FAUX(a creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house)presented “MAISON pour MAISON" at Amsterdam Fashion Week Studio.

After multiple LAFW and NYFW presentations MAISON the FAUX has set up their temporarily home at AFW. MAISON the FAUX has come home to explore the true meaning, both literally and figuratively of the HOUSE... and hereby presents “MAISON pour MAISON”.

During the multidisciplinary presentation MAISON the FAUX presented a series of vignettes that explored all facets of a home. Scenes depicting bedroom behavior at it's most extreme. Settings that reflect the chaos of rehousing. Performers and movers swanned around, maneuvering through the sets and feeling at home within the constructed framework. MAISON the FAUX had their performers breaking free from borders and walls, transitioning from lonesome and confined sensibilities towards a feeling of togetherness.

The company of MAISON the FAUX is also subject to renovation: MAISON the FAUX is expanding their multidisciplinary ways. The creative studio is no longer accepting whole sale orders and is increasingly focusing on their work as a creative design studio (art-direction, spatial design, costume design etc.) and e-commerce. MAISON the FAUX will present "MAISON pour MAISON" during Tokyo Fashion Week, introducing various home products as an addition to the "MAISON pour MAISON" presentation at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

photography: Team Peter Stigter

Marlou Breuls x Spongebob

Marlou Breuls x SpongeBob - “The Icon Collection” FW19 – AFW Studio
Marlou Breuls presented 'The Icon Collection' that marked the 20th anniversary celebration of the SpongeBob SquarePants. The collection consists of eight looks that are inspired by the iconic characters from the hit Nickelodeon series.
Marlou had the honor to open this edition of the AFW Studio, the new name for the Amsterdam Fashion Week, that took place during the weekend of 8 - 10 March.

Photography: Team Peter Stigter

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Y/Project Fall 2019

Musician Sevdaliza wearing one of the striking looks

In past years Glenn Martens continuously delivers. He one of the most relevant of this generation. For Y/Project he presented a collection with main focus on eveningwear and his experimental tailoring signature.
For WWD he stated the following, which is exactly the apparent strength of Glenn Martens. “We do what we want, and we really want to have fun, and we don’t really give that much of a s–t about anything else,” the designer said backstage. “The idea is that we really want to show garments. We don’t want to get stuck in all the hype.”

Maison Margiela Fall 2019

For the Fall 2019, John Galliano presented a collection that focused on clothing and tailoring, creating interesting shapes and unique silhouettes in neutral colors like black and khaki. All though it may look simple, all garments are masterly constructed, letting the clothes speak for themselves.

Rick Owens - Fall 2019

For the fall 2019 collection, Rick Owens collaborated with the 18-year-old Salvia, a Vogue-profiled Instagram star who typically applies her skills to herself, posting eccentric images with additional digital manipulation. Rick Owens models appeared with face-modification makeup created by Salvia presenting a dark and alternative idea of beauty.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Duran Lantink - Straight From the Sale Bins

Dutch designer Duran Lantink presented his 'Straight From the Sale Bins' project on behalf of the Netherlands during the International Fashion Showcase during London Fashion Week.

With this project he questions the permanent state of sale and discount in the fashion industry, casting a critical eye on the phenomena of Black Friday and the resulting sales riots. He also presented 0% Duran, his brand with which he creates fashion without production and refashions garments from discount sites or outlets, giving them a new appeal.

His presentation earned him a special mention by the jury

Photography by Jan Hoek.

Moncler x Pierpaolo Piccioli - Fall Winter 2019

Pierpaolo Piccioli for Moncler at Moncler Genius event during Milan Fashion Week

Images courtesy Moncler

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Gucci Showtime - Spring/Summer 2019 campaign

Gucci presented their Spring/Summer 2019 campaign, shot by Glen Luchford, and inspired by the celebrities and the golden age of Hollywood.

Fashion film by Glen Luchford

Collectie Arnhem 2019


There is a place where girls and boys, with each passing year, grow more serious and more dull. Among the grey confines of their grey, grey buildings and their grey, grey offices, they get increasingly engulfed in a sea of responsibilities, labels, expecta- tions, judgements and social restrictions. What once were mon- sters under their beds became monsters under their desks, mon- sters waiting with them at the bus stop, monsters behind them in the queue for the ATM, sulking and brooding all around them.

One day, a peculiar few decided to leave this fate behind to seek a better fortune. They packed their trunks with their most precious and their most curious belongings, onwards to a journey to discover an alternative way of living, an alternative way of be- ing. Hopeful and ambitious, they start to walk, to trudge, to plod far, far away from the greyness and the dullness. So far, so wide, they even wander all the way to the other end of time. Through many a marsh, through many a field, resting among the hay bales, the thicket and the shrubbery.

During their pilgrimage, they are followed by an omnipres- ent looming darkness, reminding them of their former life. On their long winding path, they encounter an otherworldly spirit releasing them from all fears and entering them into a foolish dream state, enabling them to discover their layered, ultimate true self. Elevated by a sense of absolute confidence, the foolish dream- er with a fetish for mother nature arose.

With the guidance of their new, mystical friend, they are taught to wield the armour of their choice, to master it and use it with care and conscientiousness. They brandish their new found shields towards the threatening cloud of gloom, causing it to scarper frantically and frenziedly, startled to be so suddenly chal- lenged. As it withdraws, the monsters of the mundane pull out their claws and instantly disappear.

In celebration of this victory, each individual has now the strength and the bravery to embrace their peculiarity and return to their prior existence. As they return to town, they jubilantly parade and march in front of the gazing grey townsfolk, who scratching their heads in astonishment, pondering over their own predicament.

Collectie Arnhem is a collective of 20 third year fashion design students from ArtEZ University of the Arts expressing their own view on fashion today. Collectie Arnhem 2019 was presented on the 30th January in Loods 6 in Amsterdam.

Photography by JW Kaldenbach

Sunday, 27 January 2019

KIDILL - Tokyo Punk Chic

KIDILL FW 2019 collection is a collaboration with the vocalist “Siouxsie Sioux” of legendary UK punk band, “Siouxsie Sioux&The Banshees”. Rare images photos of the “Siouxsie Sioux”, photographed by Seila Rock in 1975-78 are used throughout the collection.

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Yiğit Can Alper

Prada A/W 19
Yiğit Can Alper is an artist based in Turkey. He studied faculity of fine arts at Mugla university and continues to study for his masters degree currently. He has been in various exhibitions in Turkey and oversees.

Yiğit Can Alper recently illustrated Pitti Uomo and Milan Menswear A/W 19 for Showstudio.


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