Tuesday 27 December 2011

Encounter with Nick Steur

Photography: Rene den Engelsman, theaterinbeeld.nl
2011 has almost come to an end and most blogs have allready posted their '2011 charts' and 'best of lists'. I still had one special story to share. Two weeks ago I went to Huis van Bourgondie to see the performance 'Titled' by Nick Steur. I never saw his work before but I have heard about it so it made me curious to see 'the performer who balances rocks'. Maybe you've allready familiar with it, but I find it so fascinating, google it!
From childhood on Nick is busy with balancing of stones. No glue, cement or trick is coming to pass, purely an intense concentration and "a balance between his own will and that of the stone". In September 2011 he drew to Scotland with a mission to meet his idol, Andy Goldsworthy, an English land art artist. Andy Goldsworthy lives in Scotland and creates local-based sculptures and land art-objects, that are embedded in a scenic environment. He makes his art out of natural materials available on the spot. Nick went to Scotland with a mission to perhaps find a companion. Did Nick found what he sought? Well you have to see the performance yourself, but he for sure returned with a fully loaded bus. A load of stones, a journal, texts, photographs, videos and memories of encounters with strangers. All this material formed the basis for this performance 'Titled'.
From beginning to end I was enthralled watching Nick's sincere performance. As a viewer you become more and more patient and drown into it. You loose the sense of time and isn't that one of the things art should evoke. This experience inspired me to look back and think once again about my own fascinations.

For more information about Nick Steur and his work: http://nicksteur.com

Read the Q & A with Nick Steur below!

Photography: Rene den Engelsman, theaterinbeeld.nl

Photography: Rene den Engelsman, theaterinbeeld.nl

Q & A with Nick Steur
- Full name: Nick Steur
- Education: Toneelacademie Maastricht (Theatre Academy Maastricht)
- Where are you based? Maastricht
- Choose your tags/Three words that best describe you and your work: performance artist, visual art, theatre
- What inspires / facinates you? The most common things are surprisingly fascinating, I try to see and view them from a different angle. I'm much inspired by reality, and also by the utmost fake.
- Who is your hero/idol/ favorite artists? It was Andy Goldsworthy, because a lot of times he manipulates nature in a way that it can strike back immediately...
- Your plans/dreams fot the future? I want to make a applepie, also I want to balance enormous rocks on top of eachother (in Tokio).
- Something you would like to share with us (thoughts/ agenda/where can we see you perform): The neighbours think that our grass is more green, they are crazy.
 My agenda: http://nicksteur.com/Nick_Steur/agenda.html


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