Thursday 14 July 2016

Marija Kulušić at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016

Meet Marija Kulušić,  the award winning and promising fashion designer from Croatia. She graduated from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology with an MA in costume design. She showed her latest collection  "Layer on" at the FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht.

Unlike many designers from Eestern Europe, Marija has a modern approach for contemporary women's wear. By deconstructing garments she created a layered collection that offers multiple options to the wearer. She used materials like cashmere, cotton, viscose, satin, and velour.

Q&A with Marija Kulušić

How was your experience at FASHIONCLASH Festival?
There are no better words than fashion clash to describe FASHIONCLASH Festival, and that's what I loved the most. So many various aestetics in one place, so many talented, positive and supportive people. Designers who support and help each other, that is something you can't find so easy these days.

Can you tell something about the collection you presented at the FASHIONCLASH Festival?
 "Layer on" collection deals with the human body and especially with the surface of the body- skin. Changes of the skin, chronic and temporary conditions such as vitiligo, stitches, wrinkles, etc. The human body is transitioned into the different shapes. Layered garments are complemented with belts that allow various ways to wear them. Various hand-made techinques are included in the collection such as dyeing fabrics, eyelets and silk ruffles shaped by hand.

What are your plans for near future?
I am not the one who makes certain plans and hold on to it. I prefer to go day by day and see where it gets me but I will expand my horizont, look abroad for opportunities. At the moment I know for sure that I will work on developing my brand in the near future; that is the main thing.

All images by Team Peter Stigter


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