Monday 17 July 2017

Schepers Bosman SS2018 - Amsterdam Fashion Week

On Saturday the 15th of July 2017, the designer duo Schepers Bosman presented their cool new collection at Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam.
The third collection of the duo, consisting the designers Sanne Schepers and Anne Bosman, is a game of concepts such as 'familiar, normal, ordinary' and an assembly of stereotypical garments.

With the artist Robert Rauschenberg as a style icon, Schepers Bosman collects a wardrobe of timeless clothes. This season, they present a series of detailed items and use them as building blocks to form an explosion of shape and color. Through assembly techniques inspired by the work of sculptor John Chamberlain, they take widely-known garments out of their context and translate them into spatial expressionistic images. They play with concepts like 'familiar, normal and ordinary.

Revaluation of the garment Schepers Bosman has a joint vision: the revaluation of the garment.  

"We find that clothes and the craftsmanship has lowered in respect these days. By removing clothes and fashion from their context and placing them on a higher level, we want to create a new awareness. Develop products that are accepted as paintings or graphic art, without losing the original function. Our dream: Create clothes that you would like to wear and you want to watch. Hereby we challenge ourselves to seek for exclusivity within the mass. "

Schepers Bosman is a creative collaboration between Sanne Schepers (1989) and Anne Bosman (1988). Both graduated with cum laude in 2011 at ArtEZ, the Institute of the Arts Arnhem, BA Fashion Design. Schepers continued her studies at the Institute Français de la Mode (IFM) Paris, MA Fashion Design. Bosman graduated from Central Saint Martins in London, MA Menswear Fashion Design in 2014. In recent years, Schepers won the G-Star Raw Talent Award and Bosman two H&M Design Awards. 

Photography: Team Peter Stigter

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