Thursday, 29 August 2019

young n sang - Street Vendors

young n sang showed second sustainable collection 
'Street Vendors' during Helsinki Fashion Week

This season was inspired by Korean traditional market. If you go to Korean Traditional Street Market, you can feel the market’s own vibesbecause there are lots of coloful prints clothes, odds and ends that are mainly hanging on the wall or placed in the center of the shop. They seem so fancy and wild. Street vendors outfit have their own colors that you can’t find anywhere. They don’t have any certain rule in how they wear. They do not consider harmony of incompatible fancy colors and prints combinations, and harmony of silhouettes. These features took our attention. Their outfits might be ridiculous to others, but they were richous to us. We love their weird harmony.

For this collection, we mainly used colorful granny shirts and vivid flower prints, hip sacks that are necessary wearing items of street vendors in Korea. Also, traditional tweed jacket details, odds and ends are used for this collection. In fabrication, we had focused on hand weaving and patchworking skills. For example, we made handwoven denimlik jacket which made of vinyl clothes. Also, we made handwoven shirts from leftovers for aming to be zero waste collection.


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