Thursday 12 November 2020

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2020

Coline Declef
For Your Personal Safety And Security

In 2020 almost all major design events were affected by Covid-19, which also applies to Dutch Design Week. One of my personal favorite parts is the annual graduation show of Design Academy Eindhoven. 

Projects from all of this year’s graduates can be discovered on the website of Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), where each student has their own page featuring pictures, written descriptions, podcasts, and the work of all BA and MA students can be browsed alphabetically or by department.

Awarded projects can be found here.

Adi Ticho - Unveil
(c)Ronald Smits

Michiel van Maarsen
Angeline Behr
(c)Ronald Smits

Anna Dienemann

Anna Lyn Wolf

Loopholing Copying Towards Common Ground

Arthur Jacquet

Charlotte Simons
Polygons Are The Weft of The Weave

Cinzia Bongino
The Weapons Reputation

Coltrane McDowell
Olfactory Bio politics Nairobi

Dae Uk Kim

Deborah Van Der Putten
Temporarily Unavailable

Elsa Molinard
Sleeping Beauties

Elsa Rambaud
All Ready Here

Emilie Bordes

Hannah Segerkrantz
Hemp it Yourself

Lola Taul - image Ronald Smit

Alice Bardou
The Utopia Lives on The Dance Floor

Felina Hernandez del Barrio

Flora Lechner
Shape Shifter

Giulia Pompilj
What does color mean

Lea Jenny
Wear Wolf

Hannah Seger krantz
Forest Archive

Joel Kim
Cleanse Ritual For The Social Body

Lena Joutsemo
Chew The Rag

Mathijs Van Gageldonk
Exercise Through Navigation

Matilde Patuelli
A story of control

Mayke Krekel
Still loading, patience please

Meghan Clarke
This Work Of Body
(c)Femke Rijskamp

Michel Gallus

Ying Chen
Will You Still Remember Me After I Leave

Zan Kobal
Nostalgia for the world that never existed
c) Nicole Marnati

Sun Yichun
Stream Of Mine Valley Of Yours

Tadeáš Podracký
The Metamorphosis

Valentin Bauberger
A Weaving Tapestry

Olga Flor
UnderCover (c)Femke Reijerman

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