Saturday 4 November 2023

New Order of Fashion - Regeneration

Ruusa Vuori
Regeneration: Fashion from the Ground Up Things have to change. Radically. And not tomorrow, but now, or better yet: yesterday. New Order of Fashion fashion platform aims to contribute explore smart and daring ways to change the fashion industry.

With the exhibition 'Regeneration: Fashion from the Ground Up,' NOoF illustrated a future perspective for regenerative fashion through its unique collective show with a showcase of twelve recently graduated fashion students. During Dutch Design Week 2023, NOoF showed work by up-and-coming designers in their LAB in Eindhoven under the title 'Fashion from the Ground Up'.  

 Regeneration, the theme for this DDW edition, is the process of renewing and repairing after something has been depleted, damaged or lost. Exactly this is what NOoF is fully committed to: finding bold ways to restore and replenish ecosystems. With this in mind, the newly graduated designers were selected: The courage with which they want to radically reverse the underlying system of the fashion industry.

Participants 2023:
Katerina Knight, Ivan Delogu, Silvia Acien Parrilla, Charlotte Werth, Ása Bríet Brattaberg, Elīna Siliņa, Jude Hinojosa, Ruusa Vuori, Kelly Konings, Xue Chen, Ju Bao, Bastiaan Reijnen. Artistic Research: Jeppe Juel, Priss Niinikoski

Katerina Knight

Ju Bao

Silvia Acien Parrilla

Silvia Acien Parrilla

Ivan Delogu

Ása Bríet Brattaberg

Elīna Siliņa

Bastiaan Reijnen

Kelly Konings

Charlotte Werth

Jude Hinojosa

Priss Niinikoski 


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