Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ideas make borders fade at TEDxEutropolis

FAB Store presents
The second edition of TEDxEutropolis took place on the cold Sunday, 4th of February at Muziekodroom in Hasselt (Belgium). The topic of that day was 'Ideas make borders fade', and totally underlines this. FASHIONCLASH was there to direct the fashion presentation.
FAB Fashion Across Borders presented designers who are also selling their designs in the FAB Store in Hasselt. Included in the presentation were creations by young designers Ingo Binder, Monique Poolmans, Sofie Claes, Titi + The German Kid, Collette Klinkenberg and me (Branko Popovic).

TEDxEutropolis is the independently organised TEDx event of the Eutropolis.

More about FAB:

one of the speakers, Nick Steur

Initiators and organisation behind TEDxEutropolis

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