Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ilja Visser S/S 2012 ‘Hyperborea'

Instead of a catwalk show Ilja Visser presented her Ready to Fish label and couture label ‘Ilja’ in off schedule program of Amsterdam Fashion Week. Result is a mindblowing presentation!
Ilja ss2012 ‘Hyperborea’
Hyperborea is a place, which the Greek mythology assumed to be in thefar and undiscovered North. It literally means ‘beyond the norther wind’ and stands for a mystical place hidden behind the cold walls of the Arctic Circle. Supposedly inhabited by a culture, living in everlasting spring and pure daylight, the people were blessend and long’lived. According to the saga, they were a highly cultivated race free of war, hard toil and the ravages of old age and disease. Their pale appearance was defind by an extraordinary tallness and their hair was either white or deep black.
For s/s 2012 ILJA used this secret place as inspiration. The ten extravagant silhouettes refer to a women striving to Hyperborea.
More info about Ilya Visser:  /
Pictures are by Branko Popovic

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