Tuesday 8 July 2014

In Performance - Building Theater

Guga Theatre Langa (Cape Town)
In Performance - Building Theater

FASHIONCLASH is going for a development-oriented project to Langa, a township of Cape Town, SA, this fall. For that we welcome and appreciate any donation you can make.

The project “In Performance - Building Theater” is mainly on a voluntary basis. It is in connection to the opening of a new children theater in the township of Langa in Cape Town, which has been voted for as the World Design Capital 2014. The building is being built mainly by architectural students and local participants and volunteers. Therefore, we are hoping to get your support to enhance the outcome of our efforts.

The focus will be on the theatre as key design project as well as a venue for events during the Design festival. The theater is the result of a collaboration between the Department of Arts and Culture, two German architectural faculties and local communities. It will serve as the venue for the events of the design festival, which brings many actors who will work together with FASHIONCLASH, including Happy Feet Youth Project (Langa), IXXCreates (Amsterdam), and Studio Stad (Maastricht/Berlin).
The objective of the project is to bring together an international network of entrepreneurs in the creative industry, the support of the development of a sustainably used architecture and an intercultural exchange by means of a tangible product. The performance can stimulate the publicity of the venue and the local partners for future projects and encourage the accessibility of Langa township as open site for all citizens of Cape Town. The project, thus, links the process of building to the anticipated utilization of the space. Before the official opening of the theatre, a performance developed through an interdisciplinary collaboration between architects, textile as well as fashion designers and performers as representatives for the future users, will thoroughly explore the endless possibilities of the space and structure.

Read more about “In Performance”: http://inperformance.net

Find more about World Design Capital Cape Town 2014http://www.wdccapetown2014.com

Feel like helping the project? 
You can donate directly to account : NL63 RABO 0304 4144 09 (o.v.v. donatie 'Kaapstad Project').

Or you can donate for Guga Theatre here: http://www.sciencestarter.de/design-develop-build

Any donation is welcome!

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