Thursday 25 May 2017

Ji Won Choi

Ji Won Choi is one of the winners of the Parsons x Kering Empowering Imagination award. Together with designer Emma Cleveland she has won the mentorship from Kering and $10,000 to invest in their brand. 

'The concept of my thesis collection is entirely about highlighting consumer waste in our society and our habits to possess in our closets much more than what is actually worn. My work is a visual statement of this issue of waste through graphic symbolism and construction. The design of each garment is developed from the concept of a stripe to symbolize an “item” in our closets and is multiplied to create a visual representation of an average closet. Various elements within my garments can easily be manipulated in order to create multiple silhouettes; thus, creating more options of wear and decreasing the need to keep adding more items to our closets.' source:

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