Friday 27 October 2017

David Ferreira - ModaLisboa SS 2018

David Ferreira presented the   Spring-Summer 2018 collection KARYUKAI FATUM at ModaLisboa LUZ.

This theatrical collection is a clash and marriage between Geisha and Fado, creating a parallel world of perfection, beauty and feelings. Geishas and Fado are two of the most mysterious and captivating art forms, hidden within the prostitution ring and created as entertainment for the status elite. Expression and perfection balance the “Karyūkai Fatum” collection, to create unique, structural, and seductive silhouettes that range from fitted to oversized pieces.

David Ferreira's aesthetic plays with the shape of the woman’s silhouette, creating a visual poetry that blurs the lines between elegance and grotesque. He worked for designers such as Iris Van Herpen, Meadham Kirchhoff and Giles Deacon which shaped his culture, skills and techniques in order to unfurl brand new silhouettes embodying a modern vision of the Couture concept. Defining uniqueness as the true meaning of luxury, Ferreira portraits the feeling of holding uniqueness in the highest regards.

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