Saturday 13 November 2021

Monument Magazine - Oscar Suleyman


Monument is the first publication entirely devoted to the 'Dutch Wave', a group of Dutch designers who created a national and international furore around the turn of the century. The third issue is all about Oscar Suleyman. Between 1998 and 2007 the label, formed by designers Oscar Raaijmakers and Süleyman Demir, presented quirky and above all refined collections. Their preference for all things chic plays an important role in this.

This third issue of Monument focuses on the biography of Oscar Suleyman. The label's eleven collections and their many collaborations (with Bugaboo and Christian Louboutin, among others) are highlighted and put into perspective.

Monument is more than a reference book. Reflections by researcher Aïcha Abbadi show a contemporary view of Oscar Suleyman's work. From now on, the use of fur and the effects of the imagination of fashion are re-examined. Writer Tatjana Almuli talks about her personal relationship with the fashion industry and how it has influenced her.

In addition to original images from the archive, Monument also contains new photography. This issue pays particular attention to the designers' imaginary, historical and real-life muses. For the photo series (shot by Woody Bos and Abel Minnée), a selection of classic Oscar Suleyman looks were reimagined in close collaboration with the designers. These special silver-colored replicas were custom-made for today's muses: writer Tatjana Almuli, 'social phenomenon' Gia Bab and actress Nazmiye Oral.

Monument is a series of fanzines dedicated to the 'Dutch Wave', a group of Dutch designers who caused an international furore around the turn of the century. Each issue is dedicated to one designer or designer duo. Previously published publications devoted to Rozema/Teunissen and Keupr/van Bentm. Monument is a project by Mary-Lou Berkulin and graphic designer Karen van de Kraats.

Monument is available online via
The magazine is also sold at, among others, Athenaeum Boekhandel, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, San Serriffe Amsterdam, Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam, Centraal Museum Utrecht. Internationally, the magazine is for sale at, among others, Ofr. Paris and Seoul, MagCulture and Stack in London, World Food Books in Melbourne, Reading Room in Milan, Play the Tambourine in Madrid, Papercut in Stockholm and Do You Read Me in Berlin.

Photography: Woody Bos & Abel Minnée

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