Monday 1 March 2021


MICHI'M X MAXNIEREISEL is a collaboration between Michelle Cornelissen and Max Niereisel who graduated from Maastricht Institute of Arts in 2019. They share the same vision of what fashion should become if worn by an individual, investigating in different identities that are linked together within pop-culture.

“In uncertain times we stick to the boxes and rules in society. We go back to our stereotypes, the already known. We hold on to norms and values that are created according to age-old beliefs. These self-made identities become our own new norms and values, in accordance with the need to create our own beliefs. The believer. The dreamer, the extreme; these post-modern lives exists through the immortal. It’s time to start again.” In ‘Baby you’d kill me if I wasn’t already death’ MICHI'M X MAXNIEREISEL explore and play with self-made identities and seek the fine lines between reality and fantasy.

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All images by Branko Popovic


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